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Manta Sushi Spread

Flavor at Manta Steak and Seafood Sushi Bar

In Myrtle Beach’s vibrant food scene, Manta Steak and Seafood Sushi Barย shines as a must-visit destination. This hidden gem welcomes patrons daily from 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM, offering an authentic Japanese dining experience in a cozy atmosphere enriched by creative cocktails.

Manta Steak and and Seafood Sushi Bar caters to diverse tastes, extending its menu to more than just sushi enthusiasts. From succulent steaks to fresh seafood catches, there’s something delightful for everyone.

Their sushi selection goes beyond the basics, featuring traditional rolls, pressed sushi, sashimi, and nigiri, all meticulously crafted with the freshest ingredients.

For a unique and thrilling experience, grab a seat at the sushi bar. Here, you can witness skilled chefs crafting your sushi right before your eyes, adding an extra layer of excitement to your meal.

The staff at Manta isn’t just friendly; they’re also highly knowledgeable. They’ll expertly guide you through the menu, ensuring a satisfying dining adventure.

From Sips to Sashimi, an Ocean of Delight

Don’t miss Manta’s signature cocktail, “The Manta.” This must-try concoction is a blend of Absolut vodka, Sake, Malibu coconut rum, blue Curacao, lemon juice, simple syrup, and a splash of lemon-lime soda, the perfect complement to any dish.

Convenience is a top priority at Manta, offering pickup and delivery options through DoorDash. Enjoy their delectable dishes in the comfort of your own home.

Manta Steak and Seafood Sushi Bar is more than just a restaurant; it’s rapidly becoming a local favorite. With its authentic Japanese flavors, innovative cocktails, diverse menu, and hassle-free ordering options, it’s gaining popularity in Myrtle Beach. Whether you’re a sushi enthusiast or not, Manta Sushi promises a delightful experience. Visit to savor a taste of Japan by the beach, where every bite and sip is a delight.

And if you’re seeking an even more immersive experience, don’t miss Live Music Thursdays at Manta Steak and Seafood Sushi Bar. Every Thursday evening starting at 6 PM, enjoy the sounds of live music while relishing their exquisite Japanese cuisine, elevating your dining adventure in Myrtle Beach’s diverse culinary landscape.


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