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Local Businesses

Mickey Davis and her husband Norton have been spending their winters in Myrtle Beach for the past decade.  “Because it’s winter and there are less tourists here, I notice the unemployment,” she says.  “And because of the unemployment, I noticed the lack of food.  My son is a food director for the Burlington, Vermont schools, …

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The March of Dimes is a non-profit organization whose mission is to fight for the health of babies and their mothers through research, education, and advocacy.  For many years, their focus has centered almost exclusively on babies and preventing premature births.  But in the past few years, the organization has undergone a significant brand change …

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Leonella Gonzalez graduated four years ago from the Integrative Nutrition School based out of New York as a holistic health coach.  “I was struggling a lot with crash diets,” she says.  “I was killing myself with fat-loss pills and putting myself in starvation mode.  Finally, I became more interested in how I felt rather than …

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A Message from Our Team

In honor of Veteran’s Day on November 11, this month’s message is from Charlie Miller, a U.S. Army veteran.  Charlie is our director of operations and coordinates between our different departments.  He sees to the distribution and advertising sales accounting management, and runs our IT department as well.  

For me, Veteran’s Day, on November 11, is a time to remember everybody who served our country.  Just the date alone signifies a lot.  It was the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month that WWI ended.  It was the greatest horror the world had seen to that date, and it was why we chose that date to commemorate our veterans.

I’m also a veteran.  I was born in Morgantown, West Virginia, and joined the military right out of high school.  I was in the United States Army from 1993 to 1999, acting as a Psychological Operations Tactical Team Chief.  I served in Haiti for both operations Uphold/Maintain Democracy in 1995; and I spent the last few years of my career training other PSYOP soldiers on PSYOP tactics as well as advanced land navigation training with the first generation of GPS.

I was a history major in college, and I’m a history buff to this day.  One of my other favorite pastimes is to visit Warbird Park in the Market Common.  There’s a bench there where you can sit and see the planes as they land and take off from the Aviation Airport in the Market Common.  It makes them appear as if they’re appearing from nowhere.

We hope you enjoy our articles this month.  There are so many people in our community who are working to help support others in one capacity or another, and we hope their stories inspire you to reach out in whatever capacity you can this month and beyond.  In honor of Veteran’s Day, be sure to check out our interview with local World War II veteran, John Walker.  Happy Veteran’s Day to all fellow veterans, and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

– Charlie Miller  Director of Operations


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Charlie’s Corner

November is here which means the days are shorter, and sometimes have a slight nip; the nights certainly do.  Fall has found us, and summer, with it’s energy of exuberance, fun, and frivolity has departed to be replaced with the more somber tone that confirms: in nature, all things stay in balance.  Hey, I guess …

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Mickey Davis

Introduce me to your family.  I live with my husband, Norton Davis.  We have been married for 58 years.  We have six children— three together, and three from his first marriage.  We have twelve grandchildren, all over the country and world.  Where are all the places you came from? Where do you live now? I …

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Market Common History

During the 1950s and beyond, the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base saw considerable action in Eastern countries and other parts of the world, including Europe, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.  During these years, an estimated 3,500 civilian and military personnel were involved in keeping the military base at the ready to meet the needs of our …

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Recipe Corner

These are an ooey, gooey, sticky-finger treat that you won’t want to miss.  The ingredients are simple, but together make for a satisfying, mouth-watering dessert.  This is a perfect recipe to cook up with any little ones in your family, as it’s easy, fun, and takes vitually minutes to prepare.  Plus you mix the ingredients …


Nothing says Spring like a harvest of fresh rhubarb.  And nothing creates such a homey welcome as the aroma of a freshly baked strawberry-rhubarb cobbler.  Cobbler is an unpretentious, down-to-earth kind of dessert— very forgiving in it’s construction, as it’s  virtually impossible to mess up.  It’s great for the first time home baker, or to …

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Chocolate Scones

Did you know that chocolate releases feel good hormones in your brain?  It impacts your physiognomy similarly to how you feel when you’re in love, enjoying an activity, or delighted by an experience.  No wonder why chocolate is our cultural go-to delight for Valentine’s Day— the day we celebrate love and life.  This month, take …

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