The 32nd Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival: Saturday, March 14 in North Myrtle Beach: March 2020

Coastal Carolina Home Watch: Your Eyes and Ears When You’re Not Here: March 2020

Coastal Transformations: Bring in the Light and Do It Right: March 2020

Seaside Furniture Gallery and Accents: We Love Our Customers: March 2020

King of Carts: Come Join the Cart Life: March 2020

Moore and Associates Insurance Agency: Where Moore is More: March 2020

Sora Bora Boutique: Your Place for Special Ordinary Things: March 2020

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The mission of Healthy Concepts Inc., 501(C)(3) is to work with the community to help children combat bullying and improve self-esteem in a safe and nurturing environment. The program is the brainchild of Lisa Melendez, who has been building the program since 2015. “Bullying is an epidemic right now,” Lisa says. “My husband and I …

Brookgreen Gardens annual event celebrating love, Romance in the Gardens, returns during the season of love, and will be held this year on Friday, February 14.  The event is organized and directed by Charlene Sitas, Brookgreen’s director of food service and private events, and Jay Rowe, the vice president of Brookgreen’s public operations.  Seventeen years …

The Uncommon Chocolatier is the first retail venture of business partners Christine Falvo and Don Konieczny.  Both have been working as confectioners in the delectable world of professional chocolate for a combined total of thirty years.  The two opened The Uncommon Chocolatier as a team in February of last year.  They have a factory in …



A Message from Our Team

“It’s been almost four years since I first began writing and editing content for the Insider, as we planned, months in advance, how Jim’s vision would unfold. In those early days, we were a group of three, (plus Charlie) gathered around the conference table of our much smaller office on Howard Avenue, brainstorming and mapping out all the ways we could delight our audience with the stories we would tell, both visual and verbal.

From the beginning, I’ve loved meeting with and getting to know the people who make up this community to compile content for our paper— learning about their passions, their pursuits— and translating what they share with me into prose. Listening to people, to what they enjoy and what their values are, is itself a form of connection, and I try to capture that spirit of intimacy and infuse it into every piece I write to drive our message of connection and community home.

I’ve adopted a style for the Insider that is down-to-earth and full of humanity— infinitely readable because it’s so relatable— and that aims to be useful as well. It’s always my hope that in conveying our message and delivering useful information about where to go and what to do, my writing will bring smiles to lips and gladden hearts because it so clearly shows the hearts of those around us.

I likewise hope that in addition to the joy reading our publication brings, that my writing also inspires you to go out into our community and explore some of the venues and information that we share with you. This month’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival in North Myrtle Beach looks like a not-to-miss party. It’s fantastic to think of 50,000 people gathered together here to celebrate that most jovial of holidays— St. Patrick’s Day. Be sure to check out our Table of Contents to see what other features we have this month, including Charlie’s Corner. From the start, he’s always been a bit anxious about being appreciated for his writing skills. I think it’s because he’s a dog. Throw him a bone and like him on Facebook, he’ll be your fan for life.”


– Melissa LaScaleia, Writer / Editor


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Charlie’s Corner

“It’s that time of the year in Myrtle Beach to celebrate everything green. Well, it’s always pretty green here, but spring is decidedly in full sway now, and what makes it that much greener is the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, and all the people who will be sporting that color as a result of …

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Introduce me to your family. I had no children, but I did raise two husbands. But now instead of children, I have what I call my South Carolina family. One of the members is Joyce Moore, she’s like a sister to me. We’ve known each other for over 30 years and we both live here. …

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Market Common History

“Then it was November 21, 1945. The war was over then. And so then I came home. There were a lot of ships that were hit with mines, so actually the war still wasn’t over for us. We had to contend with that. I came home for the Christmas holidays. Then got on another Liberty …

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Pomegranates have been revered by numerous countries and cultures throughout the centuries, from Armenia and Azerbaijan, to the tables of modern day London, where the bulky fruit became all the rage after the publication of the cookbook Ottolenghi in 2018, and the little seeds bedecked dishes from eggplant to ice cream across the city.  In …

There are many sundries characteristic of the holiday season, but none so quintessentially homey as the sight and smell of gingerbread.  Gingerbread traces its origins to ancient Greece and was immensely popular by the Middle Ages.  Over time, as is wont to happen, creativity took hold, and gingerbread were fashioned into all manner of shapes …

Our September recipe celebrates the abundance of what’s in your garden and at the market this month.  When you tire of popping cherries in your mouth, but still want to savor the rich, sun-ripened fruits, head to the kitchen and brave the heat of the stove with this scone recipe.  Slicing and de-pitting the cherries …

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