Savannah’s Playground: Celebrating the Park’s Phase II Completion: August 2019

Audrey Williamson of Edward Jones: Your Go-To For Personal Financial Services: August 2019

East Coast Volkswagen and Honda: Robert E. Wilkins, Jr. Will Put You in a Reliable Car: August 2019

Ocean Lakes Golf Cars: Creating Family Memories that Last a Lifetime: August 2019

Jim Whitmore State Farm Agency: Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is Here: August 2019

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Local Businesses

The owner of Modern Cleansing Wellness, Beth Luke Good, was born in Orlando, Florida.  Her father was a U.S. Air Force Officer, and transferred to Myrtle Beach when Beth was a year old.  Beth has been a massage therapist for twenty-three years, and is a member of the NBCHT and I-ACT.  Modern Cleansing Wellness has …

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Sarah Johnson and V. Lee Moore started their firm in 2001.  Their original firm consisted of only Sarah, Lee, and one paralegal.  Then Elizabeth Saraniti joined their practice, and the three partners grew their firm to five attorneys and a staff of nine.  As their firm expanded, they gradually evolved from their original office into …

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Liberty, Justice, and a Good Time For All by Melissa LaScaleia The Murrells Inlet Boat Parade is gearing up to celebrate their 36th year in Murrells Inlet this July 4.  “A group of us started the Boat Parade in 1983 as a way to celebrate the 4th of July,” says Lee Hewitt.  “Other communities had …

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A Message from Our Team

“For more than three years now, each month I’ve been greeting our community of readers as the spokesperson for our publication.  But it takes a team to build this publication and bring it to our community every month, and I’d like to capture everybody’s voice in introducing what’s happening around our office, with the paper, and in our community. 

In addition to hearing from me exclusively, we’ve decided to begin incorporating messages from all of the team members who make up the culture of the Coastal Insider.  We’re kicking off this new direction with a message this month from my daughter, Megan Parker.  Megan is the one who created the paper with me and my business partner, John Jobson, back in 2016.  Today, she works as the creative director.” 

– Jim Parker    Co-Owner, Coastal Insider & President, Real Living Home Realty Group

“I’ve been a professional photographer for fifteen years.  In my work, I make relationships with my subjects behind a camera lens, and then express that in the best light via the photographs that accompany the articles. 

This year’s front page story about Savannah’s Playground was a real gift for me to shoot.  Three years ago, I photographed Savannah Thompson and the playground right around my birthday, and this year, I photographed it again, almost at the exact same time.

The playground is really cutting edge, and it’s a blessing that we have this here.  It’s a fully inclusive playground for children and adults of all abilities.  Photographing it, I could feel the heart and intention of inclusivity, and at a time when so much feels divided in our country, I’m proud to see this in our city.  It further illustrates the compassion and the causes that we stand behind in our community, as a community.  We hope you enjoy our front page feature story, and everything else, that we, as a team, have put together for you this month.”

– Megan Parker    Creative Director, Coastal Insider


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Charlie’s Corner

Ah, lolling about on my doggie bed, or out in the sun or shade of my balcony as the spirit moves me— it’s officially the dog days of summer— one of my most favorite times of the year in addition to my birthday, because I don’t need an excuse for being incredibly lazy.  I just …

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Meet Your Neighbor

Happy Birthday This Month Jim! Introduce me to your family.  I have two daughters, Susan Grose and Kathy Byers, and a granddaughter named Brittany Byers.  Where are all the places you came from? Where do you live now? I was born in West Virginia and I went to high school in Summersville, West Virginia.  On …

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Market Common History

Part II Continued from last month…. At one o’clock and two-seconds later, there’s a call.  I’m in a classroom and an announcement comes in: “Will Mr. Davis please come in.”  Now in the Navy, they don’t call you ‘Mr.’ unless you’re an officer, going to jail, or something good happened.  So I get in there, …

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Recipe Corner

These are an ooey, gooey, sticky-finger treat that you won’t want to miss.  The ingredients are simple, but together make for a satisfying, mouth-watering dessert.  This is a perfect recipe to cook up with any little ones in your family, as it’s easy, fun, and takes vitually minutes to prepare.  Plus you mix the ingredients …


Nothing says Spring like a harvest of fresh rhubarb.  And nothing creates such a homey welcome as the aroma of a freshly baked strawberry-rhubarb cobbler.  Cobbler is an unpretentious, down-to-earth kind of dessert— very forgiving in it’s construction, as it’s  virtually impossible to mess up.  It’s great for the first time home baker, or to …

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Chocolate Scones

Did you know that chocolate releases feel good hormones in your brain?  It impacts your physiognomy similarly to how you feel when you’re in love, enjoying an activity, or delighted by an experience.  No wonder why chocolate is our cultural go-to delight for Valentine’s Day— the day we celebrate love and life.  This month, take …

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