River City Cafe

Burgers & Beyond: River City Cafe’s Burger Sensation

Burger Adventure: Where Taste Meets Excitement!

Welcome to River City Cafe, where burgers aren’t just a meal; they’re an adventure! Voted #1 in WMBF’s Best of the Grand Strand 2021, our burgers have earned their place among the best. But why the burger craze?

River City Cafe

Budget-Friendly Bites

Firstly, burgers are budget-friendly! Compared to pricey dishes, a hearty burger often costs less, offering more bang for your buck. Plus, it comes with a generous side of fries.

Convenient and Mess-Free

Secondly, burgers are convenient. Easy to eat and digest, they’re served on a bun for a mess-free, hands-on experience. And the bun matters—check our August 2020 blog to learn more.

Sides That Wow

Thirdly, the variety of side items is a game-changer. At River City Cafe, burgers pair perfectly with fries or colossal onion rings. Spice up your fries with cheese, chili, bacon, or jalapenos. Or try our sweet potato waffle fries for a unique twist.

Familiar Yet Exciting

Fourthly, burgers offer familiarity. Sometimes we dine out for comfort and familiarity, and burgers deliver just that—reliable, delicious satisfaction.

Lastly, burgers are far from boring! Explore our diverse menu featuring traditional and unconventional creations. From a classic house cheeseburger to the extravagant Kitchen Sink with grilled cheese sandwiches as buns, we’ve got it all.

River City Cafe

Passion for Burgers: Over 30 Years Strong

At River City Cafe, burgers have been their passion for over 30 years. They’re affordable, customizable, and far from mundane. With options like pineapple, peanut butter, bacon jam, or even mac ‘n’ cheese toppings, we want you to love your food. So, join us for a burger experience that goes beyond the ordinary. It’s all about the burger!

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