Bridge Day
Bridge Day

Plunge into West Virginia’s Bridge Day Event Adventure!

Ditch the Beach and Discover West Virginia's Bridge Day Adventure!

Escape Myrtle Beach: Embrace the Beauty of West Virginia’s Bridge Day. Plan a fall weekend trip from Myrtle Beach to Bridge Day, an event that is different from the flat beaches you’re used to. West Virginia’s riverside valley shoreline, stunning mountains, and diverse landscapes showcase nature’s beauty in all its glory.

High-Flying Thrills: Bridge Day at New River Gorge Bridge

Breathtaking Leap of Courage: Bridge Day at New River Gorge Bridge. Every third Saturday in October is Bridge Day, West Virginia’s biggest event of the year. Get ready for an exciting journey! Divers and base jumpers from all over the world jump off the New River Gorge Bridge and into the valley below. The bridge, usually filled with cars, briefly halts to let thousands witness this awe-inspiring spectacle during Bridge Day.

The West Virginia Tourism Office has put together this plan to help you get the most out of Bridge Day.

A Heights Challenge: New River Gorge Bridge

Bridge Day is celebrated on the world’s second-highest single-span arch bridge: The event takes place on the 851-foot-tall New River Gorge Bridge, which is the third-tallest bridge in the United States and the 13th-tallest bridge in the world. It’s something to think about if you’re scared of heights.

Perfect Vantage Points: Watching the Action

There are many places to watch Bridge Day. Many people choose to watch from the top of the bridge, where they can see the jumpers launch themselves into the gorge. Try the Bridge Walk, where you’re strapped in and walk through the bridge’s beams for a unique view. If you don’t like being high up, go to the bottom of the gorge to get a better view of where the jumpers fall.

Hop on the Shuttle: A Convenient Ride

You need to buy an Into The Gorge shuttle pass ahead of time to get to the bottom of the gorge. You can take a 30-minute bus ride instead of walking the 4+ mile distance from the top of the bridge, giving you more time to enjoy the event.

Food and Fun: Tantalizing Delights Await

Food and Fun: On Bridge Day, the highway nearby turns into a busy market where sellers sell tasty treats from around the world and the classic fair food. Bring cash for a food adventure because there are hundreds of sellers.

Taste the Excitement: Pre-Event Flavor

Taste of Bridge Day: Don’t miss the Taste of Bridge Day the night before the event. It has live music, the best food from local restaurants, and a lively setting to get you in the mood for Bridge Day.

Thrill Seekers Unite: "Take the Leap"

If you really want to jump, there are people who can help you. Tandem jumps are possible for people who meet certain qualifications and require a certain amount of training.

Experience the Bridge Walk: You can do the Bridge Walk at any time of the year, but doing it on Bridge Day is the only way to get a close look at the base jumps. The walk is more peaceful than on normal days because there are fewer people on it.

Zipping to Adventure: Under-Bridge Excitement

Zip Line Adventure: If you want a thrill without having to jump, try the zip line from under the bridge. A skilled belayer will be in charge of your descent, and the ride is both exciting and easy to handle.

Satisfying Post-Bridge Day Feasting

For a post-Bridge Day dinner, head to Fayetteville, which is only a 10-minute walk from the bridge, after a busy day. Enjoy a great chili cook-off and a beer garden.

Restful Retreat: Where to Stay

Where to stay: Because Fayetteville is a small town, the best place to stay is in a holiday rental. For a comfy and easy stay, check out Airbnb or the rental companies that the town recommends.

This guide will help you have a great time at Bridge Day in West Virginia this weekend. You will want to go on this amazing journey over and over again. Feel free to ask if you have any more questions about going to Bridge Day!

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