Navigating Our New Normal

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As we’re all learning to navigate the new normal, caution and cleanliness remain foremost in the minds of many. So much of our economy, both local and state, is dependent on hospitality services. Although things may still feel sluggish, there are ways to get out, have fun, and support our local community businesses, all while staying safe and minimizing our potential risk to ourselves and others.

Many public places, like our favorite restaurants and local stores, are still adhering to social distancing standards while continuing to do their utmost in disinfecting every surface as often as possible. There are still plenty of preventative actions we can take as customers while supporting these businesses.

Some guests have begun bringing their own utensils when dining out, including ever-popular reusable straws. And by now, it’s become second nature to keep sanitizer and wipes on hand. It’s important to keep in mind that the CDC encourages the use of sanitizer with an alcohol level of at least 60% to be effective.

Continue to wipe off surfaces of items you’ll be touching, especially door handles, chairs, tables, carts, and baskets. We may not feel the need to wear gloves any more, but it’s still of paramount importance to avoid touching one’s face.

Outdoor activities during this month have always been popular. Make sure when celebrating the Fourth and the summer season, that you make smart decisions. Visiting parks and beaches now means, more than ever, to bring your own of everything and avoid public facilities as much as possible. Be mindful of what you’re taking in and try to take out your own trash as well.

Avoiding crowds during the summer can be a challenge although it is still a good way to stay safe, especially for those at high risk. Your beach days should remain in small groups of family or close friends, and instead of going to fireworks displays, having a small display of your own (where regulations allow) can be just as fun and exciting.

Southern hospitality is difficult to accomplish when we’re constantly reminded to keep apart. Yet the friendliness and patience that makes up part of the hospitality we South Carolinians are known for is always easy to have and share, six feet apart or not! That coupled with the aforementioned reminders will help us to work together and make the best of these changing times.

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