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7 Lunch Spots in Myrtle Beach We Love for a Midday Bite

Ah, Myrtle Beach—a sun-kissed paradise not only renowned for its picturesque shores and lively boardwalks but also a burgeoning hotspot for food enthusiasts. Whether you’re taking a break from the beach waves or looking for the perfect spot to refuel after a morning of exploring, the midday culinary scene here is as diverse as it is delicious.

With lunch options ranging from the health-conscious and freshly prepared bowls at Zardin Healthy Eatery to the delectable smoked delights at Fullbelly BBQ, Myrtle Beach is replete with establishments that provide more than mere sustenance; rather, they offer an unforgettable experience. In this roundup, we’ll take you through seven must-visit lunch spots in Myrtle Beach, each serving up mouth-watering dishes guaranteed to turn your ordinary lunch hour into a culinary adventure. So, loosen up those belt buckles, and let’s dive into the flavors that make Myrtle Beach a true lunchtime haven!

1. Zardin Healthy Eatery

7 Lunch Spots in Myrtle Beach We Love for a Midday Bite

We recommend: Tacos Bowl
Zardin Healthy Eatery is a sanctuary for those who love to keep their meals both delicious and nutritious. The Tacos Bowl is a standout with its mix of fresh, locally sourced ingredients and vibrant flavors that embody a health-conscious lifestyle. Zardin’s modern, airy ambiance, coupled with a commitment to wholesome, organic fare, makes it an ideal stop for a rejuvenating lunch.

Zardin Healthy Eatery

2. Punta Cana Bar & Grill

best lunch spots

We recommend: Chuletas Fritas
At Punta Cana Bar & Grill, immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the Caribbean. Chuletas Fritas, a Dominican delight, is a testament to their dedication to authentic, flavorful dishes. This eatery is a vibrant spot in Myrtle Beach, known for its festive décor and spirited ambiance, perfect for a fun and fulfilling lunch.

Punta Cana Bar & Grill

3. Lekker Eats

7 Lunch Spots in Myrtle Beach We Love for a Midday Bite

We recommend: Big Five Burger
Swap out your usual lunch routine with Lekker Eats’ Big Five Burger. This masterpiece starts with a juicy lamb patty from Fat Mountain Farms, bringing a rich, gamey depth that’s uniquely satisfying. It’s topped with a creamy homemade tzatziki sauce, adding a cool, tangy contrast to the lamb’s robust flavor. Crunchy pickled red onions, fresh cucumber slices, and a sprinkle of mint enhance the burger with crisp, refreshing notes, while peppery arugula and crumbly feta cheese add a sophisticated touch.

Lekker Eats

4. Fullbelly BBQ

best lunch spots

We recommend: The Double Decker Sandwich
Fullbelly BBQ is a haven for barbecue lovers, where the aroma of smoked meat fills the air. The Double Decker Sandwich, a towering creation of succulent meats and tangy sauces, captures the essence of Southern BBQ. With its rustic charm and hearty servings, Fullbelly BBQ is the go-to place for those seeking a soul-satisfying lunch.

Fullbelly BBQ

5. Arepa Spot

Arepa Spot Myrtle Beach

We recommend: Pabellon Arepa
Arepa Spot is a gem in Myrtle Beach’s dining scene, offering a taste of Venezuela through its mouth-watering arepas. The Pabellon Arepa, a delightful blend of savory fillings in a soft cornbread shell, is a must-try. The cozy, inviting atmosphere of the Arepa Spot, along with its dedication to authentic flavors, makes it a unique and enjoyable lunch destination.

Arepa Spot

6. River Oaks Pizzeria

best lunch spots

We recommend: Vodkarita Pizza
River Oaks Pizzeria is where Italian tradition meets modern flair. The Vodkarita Pizza is a creative spin on the classic, combining rich flavors in a perfect crust. Known for its cozy interior and friendly service, this pizzeria is a favorite among those who appreciate gourmet pizzas in a relaxed, welcoming setting.

River Oaks Pizzeria

7. Manta Steak & Seafood Sushi Bar

We recommend: Manta Roll
Manta Steak & Seafood Sushi Bar offers an exquisite dining experience with its fusion of traditional sushi and local seafood. The Manta Roll is a testament to their culinary expertise, offering a burst of flavor with every bite. The sleek, sophisticated ambiance, combined with panoramic ocean views, makes Manta an exceptional choice for a luxurious lunch.

Manta Steak & Seafood Sushi Bar

Myrtle Beach is not just about the sun and surf; it’s also a hotspot for diverse and delicious lunch options. Each of these seven restaurants offers something special, ensuring your midday meal is a memorable part of your beach day.

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