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A Market Common Specialty

In The Form Of A Shop

By AC Bethea

The woman behind the store is Emma Ware, owner and proprietor of Emma’s School of Healthy Eating and Specialty Store in Market Common. Her double degrees in Clinical Homeopathy and Holistic Nutrition, along with added studies in herbology, kinesiology and face reading, have led her to be one of the most talented and desired health consultants in Myrtle Beach.

Due to her expertise, she is often invited to be the keynote speaker at major events such as the American Heart Association’s, Women’s Legacy Luncheon, Coastal Carolina engagements, and more.

But as popular as Emma’s consulting appointments are today, Emma’s cozy space on Howard Avenue is serving two purposes. At its most basic, it’s a health product-based specialty store with a private space for her consultations in the back.

The front entrance leads directly to the store where you’ll find an array of all natural handcrafted soaps, honeys, salts, herbal supplements, shampoos, lotions, teas and cod liver oil… yes! Cod liver oil from Iceland!

“I learned about this brand a few months ago and was blown away! There are countless health benefits from using this oil,” says Emma.

Sifting through the hype and hucksterism from huge corporations marketing the “green” lifestyle versus finding authentic products from smaller manufacturers, is a challenge Emma welcomes. She sources many of her products locally but also learns a lot from her customer base.

“If something is genuinely healthy for you, has more nutrients, isn’t overly processed and has integrity, it will last and it has a place here,” says Emma. “But I’m not interested in fads, like miracle cures or diets claiming to help you lose 50 pounds a month, even if they’re popular.”

And while the national trend toward “big boxism” sometimes worries Emma, she argues that supporting local brings an intimacy that bigger stores can’t deliver, and pays other dividends to the community as well.

Walking into Emma’s Specialty Shop during all times of the year is a blast of warmth to the soul. The shelves and furniture is modern sleek, the music is often soft instrumental, and the space is full of love. If you’ve ever waxed nostalgic for the old days when the local mercantile was the hub of the community, entering Emma’s Speciality Shop on a quiet morning is just that, and can be healing.

“I know my base and I’m a part of this community,” says Emma.

Emma is as experienced with the items she carries in her shop, as she is with breathing. She believes in the power of self-healing through eating, using natural products on the body, and living a curious life — “always be willing to learn more”.

You can find her in the shop Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm. And look out for a once a month seminar to come.

One of her goals is to introduce the community to likeminded thinkers and experienced practitioners of herbal care and natural healing. 

Call her shop today at 843-997-7037 to reserve a spot for the next one.

Emma Ware

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