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What makes Myrtle Beach Fit Body Bootcamp different than other gyms and bootcamps?

Our workouts are 30 minutes in length, so anyone can fit them in. We use high intensity interval training which burns more calories than traditional workouts and you will continue to burn calories for up to 30 hours after your workout. We focus on building lean muscle. This will improve your metabolism and turn you into a fat burning machine! Every workout is different and so you never get bored. Our trainers are knowledgable and care about each member and their progress.

I have not exercised in a long time or I have an injury, can I still workout?

Yes, you can. We provide modifications for every exercise. No matter what fitness level you are, you will get an amazing workout. We also provide modifications for injuries so that even if you have an issue we will help you work around it. We welcome all fitness levels and ages to our facility.

The Coastal Insider

What role does nutrition provide in getting fit?

You cannot out train a bad diet. We provide everything you need to be successful with your eating. We focus on eating whole foods and low glycemic impact eating. You will save money because you won’t be eating expensive processes food any longer. We will give you meal plans and guidance all the way.

Come try us out and see everything we have to offer!

Written by Jennifer Shifflett, CPT

friend of the Insider at the Market Common

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