It’s a Wonderful Life in Surfside Beach

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By Tabitha Mull

The Keep Surfside Beach Beautiful committee and the Town of Surfside Beach make the Town a Christmas Destination!

We are lighting up our entire town in Christmas lights and decor for everyone near and far to enjoy!!

• December 15th bring your chair, a blanket and even a picnic basket to watch the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” under the stars in Martin Field!  There will be SO MUCH MORE festivities for ALL ages!!!
• Every Weekend participating businesses will “host a toast for our Chocolate Crawl” Special events and Christmas surprises for all.
• OH MY! OH MY! Where will Santa’s mailbox land???  Follow “It’s a Wonderful Life in Surfside Beach” Facebook page to find out WHERE you can drop off your letter to Santa!!
• And if it could get any MORE EXCITING…It’s a Miracle on 29575 Streets

Coming to a door near you…there will be a Secret Stocking placed on your door from a kind neighbor and ALL you have to do is fill it with kindness and pass it on to a neighbor!!

The secret is to KEEP FILLING and passing it on in the Christmas Spirit!!  As Santa’s list grows we will keep you in the know…!!

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