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by Melissa LaScaleia

Infinity Hair Salon in Myrtle Beach is part of three full service hair salons along the Grand Strand.  The other two are Hair Etc. in Surfside Beach; and Hair Trends in Murrells Inlet.  This February, Infinity Hair Salon, the youngest of the group, celebrated a one year anniversary. 

Joyce Myers and her husband own the three salons. 

“We started in the hair business about twenty-three years ago,” says Joyce.  “And we moved here from upstate New York about twenty-five years ago.  We used to vacation in Myrtle Beach for years, and eventually decided we wanted to move someplace warmer.  When we had an opportunity to start a career in the hair business, we decided to take it.” 

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“We have very talented stylists at our salons,” she says.  “Because we live hair, we stay current with all of the newest trends and specialized services that are available— like smoothing and straightening services.  Beach living is beautiful, but it takes a heavy toll on your hair.  You need to protect it from the sand, sun and salt water.  There’s an excess of wind and humidity that your hair is exposed to constantly. 

“A lot of people relocate down here, or come for a short stay, and don’t realize the effect the climate has, or how to manage their hair optimally in this new environment.  That’s what we focus on with our clients. 

“Our stylists are committed to continuing their education, striving to always grow their skills and stay updated on current trends.  At our salons, we try to listen to our clients’ wants and needs, along with sharing our ideas, in order to find the style that not only makes them feel their best but is easy to maintain.  Part of our mission is to build lasting relationships with our clients, and with the community that we’re in as well.” 

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“We’ve recently held donation drives at Infinity Salon to help our vulnerable populations, youth,  and local animal shelters,” Joyce continues.  “We try to do things in our community— to invest in those relationships in our communities.  Our philosophy at our salons is: be your best, feel your best, and do your best.” 

Each of the three salons has a slightly different personality— the culture influenced by that area of the Grand Strand where it’s located, as well as the clientele that patronize it.  Every salon offers services for all ages, from children to seniors. 

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“I just love seeing some of the makeovers that the stylists do and how it makes people so happy,” Joyce says.  “People come in and they’re having a bad day or a bad week and they can get a haircut or a color and it perks them right up. 

“During the winter months, we see a lot of snowbirds who return every year because they love our stylists.  This is what makes me happy— building relationships with people—knowing our community continues to grow and bond.”

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