Emma’s Health Talk – September 2018

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A Healthy Immune System – September 2018

It’s September and the summer is slowly giving way to a few less minutes of daylight and a bit more comfortable days without high humidity.  Lots more golf days and cooler shopping days for all who love to hit the mall.  With so many sports to enjoy as well as back to school activities we need to keep ourselves healthy when temperatures drop and cold and flu season surround us.

Keeping our immune system strong and healthy requires understanding how the human body functions.  Every organ, tissue and vessel is dependent on a healthy immune system to do the work they are created to perform.

Each is dependent on the other and when one is not working as designed it effects others from performing their function.  As an example: according to Web- MD, consuming excess sugar, alcohol or wine will cause the immune system to curb the cells that attack bacteria rendering them less able to ward off infection.  Weakening the systems ability to ward off infection surely can invite colds or the flu.

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That’s just one example we have to be aware of when entering this next season.  The immune system works to keep germs out of the body and destroy any that gets in.  Lymph nodes are part of the immune system and they release lymphocytes, a certain type of white blood cell that fights infection.  Keeping your immune system healthy, according to the John Hopkins Medical Health Library, is most benefited by taking Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E, with vitamin C being the most powerful booster for the immune system.  The lack of Vitamin C can actually make you prone to getting sick.  Don’t forget the benefit of sunshine, with nicer weather coming make a plan to spend more time in outdoor activities, walk on the beach, golf or just play with the kids in the backyard.  B6 is vital to supporting biochemical reactions in the immune system and Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant helping the body fight off infection.  Like any change we make for health benefits always check with your doctor when starting a new regimen.

Be sure to listen to me on talk radio 99.5 the first Monday of every month with Liz and Dave and call in with your questions.  Come and visit our store at 2798 D Howard Ave in Market Common or call me at 843-997-7037.  We feature holistic and organic products to help you on your quest for healthy living.  Enjoy this awesome month and take time to relax.

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