Emma’s Health Talk – Part 2 – September 2018

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Preservatives – September 2018

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Does consuming processed foods that contain preservatives really make us gain weight?

According to a published report by Nature Communications, the foods we eat with preservatives interferes with our hormones thus disrupting the processes that tells us we are full.  They (preservatives) do that by distorting the chemical structure of those signaling hormones.  The distorting disables the process by which hormones are transported out of cells making them ineffective.  Without that signaling that tells us we are full, we are more likely to keep eating and gain more weight.

This is a landmark study substantially improving our understanding of how endocrine disrupters (preservatives) may damage hormonal systems, thereby contributing to the obesity epidemic.

As we continued our research on preservatives, additives and chemicals, we received a message from a practitioner in our area that we want to share with you.  They sent us an article published on August 17, 2018 in the Detroit Free Press, a subsidiary of USA Today; you can Google and read what we share here.

The article revealed the results of the tests done on cereals, oatmeal and similar foods consumed by children and adults daily.  This is public information published for all to read; when we did, the concerns were overwhelming.

The study, done by The Environmental Working Group (EWG), said, glyphosate was found in all but five of the 29 oat-based foods that were tested.  Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, the most heavily used pesticide in the U.S.  The worst offenders were Quaker Oat products which clocked in at 400 or more glyphosate parts per billion meaning that it would be dangerous for children if even 27.5 grams were consumed daily.  A single packet of Quakers Dinosaur Eggs instant oatmeal contains more than three times the EWG’s daily safe limit for children.

What would that mean if it was consumed every day over time?

The article can be read in USA Today online under “What Chemicals are in Our Foods“.  Don’t be fooled believing all that we eat is safe.  Be wise and learn the hidden truths behind Monsanto and other chemical manufacturing companies.

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