Emma’s Health Talk: Beating the January Blues

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Getting On Track With New Year's Resolutions

by Emma Ware

As we enter 2019 and officially bring to an end a kaleidoscope of holiday activities, many people find themselves looking back with regret at the choices they made with their eating habits during the holiday season. 

It’s a New Year’s tradition to set goals for the new year ahead, but often, instead of determining what they want now, all people can think about is what they shouldn’t have done that they did.  

We can all relate to some gastronomic over-indulgence during the holidays. After leaving those awesome cookies for Santa, could we deprive ourselves of those tempting treats? Do you think he would have been as excited to get celery sticks and a few carrots? Well, I guess we wouldn’t have been either. 

Instead of saturating your mind with regret, take a deep breath and look at all the positive changes you can make to get back on a healthy track. 

Our awesome bodies long for a rest after the assault they endured over the holidays. What would make them happy and rejuvenated is a wonderful soup fast.

I suggest once a week during the month of January. This warm, healthy and refreshing soup is filled with nutrients to restore balance to your body and help jumpstart your changes. 

Organic broths, whether chicken or vegetable, are the most nourishing to use as a base. I recently had a client tell me how she makes her own broths with great success using an Instant Pot. 

Whatever method you choose, when making your soup, use colorful vegetables, onions, garlic, include chicken for protein, and for a starch add rice, pasta or potatoes. Finish by seasoning with aromatic herbs of your choice. Eat this wonderful soup all day and feel the benefits it provides your happy tummy. 

That is just one change but fear not, here comes more. Without some type of exercise our bodies won’t rebound as fast, so plan some fun movements to wake up your sleepy cells. Yoga or dance exercise classes with a friend make it all that much more fun. Time well spent on a brisk walk is heart-healthy and even helps your blood pressure. 

Be sure that whenever and whatever changes you wish to make to your health routine, that you first check with your doctor. 

Let me know what you think. Come see me at the office, 2798 D Howard Ave, Market Common Myrtle Beach, or give me a call at 843 997-7037. 


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