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October 2020

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I work with social media and tasks having to do with post-production for our Insider publication. I was born on Long Island, New York, and moved to Myrtle Beach five years ago. Growing up on Long Island, I’m familiar with the culture of local lore and local ghost stories. One of my favorites is the story of Mary’s haunted grave and playhouse. It was said that there was a little girl during the time of the Revolutionary War who used to play in her playhouse outside, away from her house. One day she mysteriously disappeared, but the woods surrounding her playhouse still echoed with her laughter though she never was found. Today, you can still visit the woods and her playhouse and people are spooked, convinced they can feel her spirit still there, playing.

It was interesting to me that people would come from all over to see the origin place of this local legend. Especially because I got to experience living there first-hand. To this day, I love Halloween, ghost stories, and any type of local legend.

I loved reading this month’s front page article because it speaks about the local lore for this area, my new home. I was not aware until now that there was such a rich history of ghost stories and legends to discover. After hearing about other peoples' experiences on the trolley tour— it’s something that I’m looking forward to trying this fall. I’m constantly delighted and surprised by the breadth and diversity of people who live in our community. Their passions, talents and what they share with everyone enriches all of our lives.

Whether ghosts and ghouls are your cup of tea or not, these stories are so much more than a quick scare. They are imbued with the culture and flavor of the history of the area from which they originate— and transport you with their mystery into a different time, long before ours. They are a window, however small, into the past, giving us a glimpse beyond the mundane, into something filled with extraordinary potential and wonder. Wishing you all a spooky ghost-filled Halloween!

Jennifer O’Leary

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