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I handle the distribution, operations, storage and processing for our Insider publication. I also safeguard the IT, and handle the security, safety, and health and welfare for our office.

We’re all seeing lots of changes due to Covid-19, both close to home at the Insider, as well as across the business world. At the Insider, Covid is causing us to think about things for the future differently in terms of how we deal with our distribution and mailing policies.

All in all, there’s no aspect of our publication that hasn’t changed due to the current circumstances. But we’ve adapted and continue to adapt to meet the changing needs of the times, as we’re driven to keep the best product out there on the racks.

The economy functions like a large machine— you move one gear or lever and you don’t know how the rest of the machine will be affected. We’re all collectively learning how this economy machine works during a crisis like Covid.

One organization that has been a tremendous support for the community and our local economy is the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce and CVB. Our front page article highlights the actions that the Chamber has taken and continues to take in response to the economic affects of Covid. Consequently, unemployment numbers in Myrtle Beach have stabilized at 10%, resurging from significant lows.

We take the approach that you have to face something like this by doing what you know, to get your part of the economy machine across the finish line the best way you know how. Along the way, you’re always learning and figuring out how to do it better and better, which ultimately gives you more skills and becomes a source of greater empowerment.

This September, as we celebrate Labor Day weekend with the usual bbq and fun fanfare, it’s with an extra nod of recognition and thanks for those who have and continue to innovate, uplift, and inspire, helping to carve out new pathways so we can all navigate our way forward during these times.

– Charlie Miller  Director of Operations

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