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I was born and raised in Algarve, Portugal, and moved to Myrtle Beach about three years ago. I speak five languages fluently and I’ve always been surrounded with international people and cultures. But when I arrived in Myrtle Beach, I was struck by warmth of the people here. I find the famed Southern Hospitality to be genuine and unique.

I’ve been at the Insider for almost three months, working on social media marketing and web design. I like that I’m able to put my creative abilities to use to support this community that’s my new home.

The holiday season is always a special time for me because it’s time to be with family and reflect on my accomplishments over the past year and my goals for the future. I not only celebrate Christmas but also Chanukah. I’m a recent convert to Judaism which has been a goal of mine since I was eleven-years-old. And this will be the first Chanukah that I celebrate as a Jewish woman, alongside Christmas, in Myrtle Beach. I’ve gleaned what has meaning for me from both religions, and it’s shaped the fabric of my thinking and my love for and desire to give back to the community.

And this month’s cover story is reflective of that same philosophy. When you come together as a community to do the best you can— to make a difference in the way that you feel called, sharing with others in a spirit of fellowship— beautiful things can be created. Janice Ash Siliano and her team of remarkable volunteers have been feeding the people of this area every holiday season for over thirty years. It’s a heartwarming story about nourishment on a deeper level— a story that’s relevant to us all, no matter your traditions. May you be truly nourished as well as nourish this holiday season and beyond. And have a blessed holiday season, no matter how you celebrate.

Solange Edwards

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