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The devoted team of Coastal Carolina Home Watch. From left to right: Kevin Reed, Jack Luber, and Jocelyn Dewey. Serving homeowners along the Grand Strand and beyond, to give peace of mind when you’re away.

Your Eyes and Ears When You're Not Here

by Melissa LaScaleia

Do you live out of state or country but own property along the Grand Strand or Waccamaw Neck? Do you have a rental property that you market through VRBO or Airbnb and need a local partner to oversee details to keep your guests happy? Do you worry that while you aren’t here, damage could happen to your home and it wouldn’t be discovered until you came back?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should consider using the services of Coastal Carolina Home Watch.

“So many things can happen while you aren’t here, things that could be disastrous if they go undiscovered,” says the company’s founder and CEO, Jack Luber. “HVAC failures, water leaks, mold, insect and rodent infestation — even unwanted human guests. When storms and hurricanes are headed towards our coast, what kind of procedures do you have in place?”

Years ago, Jack lived on the New Jersey Shore and owned a second home in Surfside Beach. Like many people, he felt secure when he was away from his vacation property because it was part of an HOA which had a property manager. He assumed they were keeping an eye on things. 

Jack found out the hard way, after his Surfside house endured a water leak, that they only maintain the common areas, and that it was his responsibility to make sure there were no problems with his home. The ensuing costs of time, money and stress inspired him to look for a service provider to help manage his property when he was out of town.

But he was unable to find any professional company offering a comprehensive service. This realization was the spark that led to him open Coastal Carolina Home Watch in 2005. 

“I needed someone to be my eyes and ears,” he says. “Someone to let me know exactly what was happening and act on my behalf and at my direction if a problem was discovered. I knew that if I needed this kind of help, others must too.”

Over the years, in addition to home checks, Jack’s company has evolved to include such comprehensive services as: concierge, keyholder, arranging for contractors and service people, cleaning, rental assistance (VRBO and Airbnb), alarm response, pre-and-post-storm services, and handyman services.

Coastal Carolina Home Watch does their job with pride and confidence; and they know how much their clients love what they do and how they do it.

“When a client engages our company, they know that confidentiality and privacy are our priorities,” Jack says. “They know that we will communicate and report to them using reports that include pictures or videos, and that we use a customized checklist that is time and date stamped that shows our location via geolocation. 

They know that we carry not only general, but professional liability as well as workers compensation insurance. We even carry a cyber policy. The idea is to eliminate as many worries as possible from having people in their home.”

Team members Kevin Reed and Jocelyn Dewey have seen a much-increased need for Home Watch over the past year.

“With all of the snowbirds and seasonal residents holding back on coming to the beach because of the pandemic, more people have signed up with us,” Kevin says. “They have homes, but do not want to come back until things become more settled.”

“Our Canadian clients were called back home before they would have gone back in a normal year,” Jocelyn adds. “And now, with the Canadian travel restrictions, they need us more than ever.”

Because home watch is not a recognized nor regulated business in the U.S. and Canada, Jack founded the National Home Watch Association in 2009.

“There are many companies that have the keys and alarm codes to people’s homes and performing what they say is home watch,” Jack says. “But most do not have insurance, bonding or any safety protocols. You could ask a neighbor, friend, or an acquaintance, but if he or she misses something or makes a mistake that causes damage, what then? What if things go missing or your home is used while you aren’t there?”

Jack serves as the executive director of the National Home Watch Association, which sets standards, policies and procedures for the industry, as well as accredits its companies. The NHWA has members throughout the U.S., Canada, and now Australia. Coastal Carolina Home Watch became the first member accredited by the NHWA in 2010; its entire team has earned the designation of Certified Home Watch Professionals.

Coastal Carolina Home Watch is who you call when you need people to visit your home on a scheduled basis, to look for obvious issues, and let you know what is happening in an accurate, concise, and timely manner,” Jocelyn says. “We are the people that you can depend on to look after your best interests when you can’t be there to do that for yourself.”

“We will monitor work being performed and service companies that you are paying to provide service — whether you are here or not,” Kevin says. “Even if you have cameras, a security system, the Ring, or a Nest, you still need someone close by to respond if there is an issue. We fill that gap.”

“Whatever it is that you need, whatever concerns you may have, we have the local knowledge, education, experience, and the know-how to get things completed or arranged for you in the most professional and cost-effective way possible,” Jack adds. “From Debordieu Colony and Prince George on the Waccamaw Neck, to Grande Dunes and Cherry Grove in the north, and the Golden Mile and the Market Common in the middle, Coastal Carolina Home Watch is here to ease your mind.”

Coastal Carolina Home Watch
Jack Luber, the Founder and President of Coastal Carolina Home Watch.

Coastal Carolina Home Watch

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