Market Common Dogs at Charlie's Corner
I have my own little spot on the outdoor deck at my peoples’ place. I call it Charlie’s Pad...

The Inside Scoop on Charlie’s Life

Welcome September! It’s one of my and my people’s most favorite months at the beach. The ocean temperature is blissful, and the temperature outside is perfect for us canines— warm, but not so hot I need sunscreen on my paws. It’s sunny and still nice enough that I can join my family for an outdoor dinner here in the Market Common at one of the pet-friendly establishments. 

There’s a lull in the air that feels delightful, as if everyone has rested, recharged and played all summer long, and is still relaxed and relaxing. In the garden, the crops are at their peak of production, which makes everyone feel safe and grateful, and I’ve noticed, spend a lot more time in the kitchen with a cocktail or glass of wine in hand— even my people, who don’t really cook…

I have my own little spot on the outdoor deck at my place. I call it Charlie’s Pad, right next to the hibiscus and the begonia. There’s a tree on the street below, and the branches are so close to my balcony that I’m afforded a fantastic view of the birds while sunning my belly. Mmmmm. Eye candy. If I lie still enough one of them might come close enough to play with me. It hasn’t happened yet, but I remain optimistic.

And then there’s people-watching. I hear conversations below in several different languages as visitors from all over the world come to our neighborhood to explore this area and experience the beautiful shopping, dining, and outdoor events. 

As I write this from Charlie’s Pad, I can see a wonderful medley fashion styles and age groups passing by. This month, the crowds are lessened significantly, and much as I enjoy the excitement, I have to admit, I like the slower tempo and less crowded roads. You’ll never catch me complaining about long rides in the car, (there’s so much to see as we pass by, wind in my face, slobbering on windshields, what’s not to like?) but my family seems happier with less traffic, and there’s more wind when the car is actually moving at a steady clip.

When I’m not hanging out at Charlie’s Pad, I’m with my Aunt Megan. You can usually find me curled up on her lap, or posing for a photo shoot (gotta keep my fans happy) or lying under my favorite chair at the Insider headquarters, playing with my new chipmunk chew toy.

So that’s the scoop on me. 

Until next time, 

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