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A Lesson On What to Gift Your Canine For the Holidays

Charlie’s Corner is the domain of Charlie, the furry four-legged lady’s man of Market Common. Each month, he’ll share information to help all new, visiting, and existing doggie community members get the most out of life alongside their human companions. Here, we’ll feature his reflections on what it’s like to be a dashing downtown doggie, as he reminds all of us how to play well together. 

This month, Charlie puts his family tree research on hold as he gets merry for the holidays.

Oh boy, oh boy. It’s holiday time. It’s time to get festive! I get so excited this time of year. Friends, family, parties, extra treats, extra pats for me. I was trying to identify what my favorite thing about the holiday season was, but I couldn’t narrow it down to just one. So I made a list that I want to share with you. Then I decided to see what brings my friends joy, and compile one big list, and here it is. If you want to make your canine companion happy this holiday season, if you’re wondering how to show us a little extra love, then I present:

A Dog’s List of Favorite Things

  1. Wrapping paper. I just love rolling around in it, and tearing around the house with it.
  2. Dog bone cookies tied up with little red bows
  3. The turkey, ham, and sides of roasted meat that find their way into the fridge, and onto my plate all month long.
  4. Homemade dog treats
  5. Hung stockings filled with rawhide treats
  6. Wrapped up dog bones (Are you sensing a theme here?)
  7. Happy, merry visitors
  8. Extra snuggle time in cozy blankets
  9. Presents!
  10. Parties
  11. Sleeping by the replace
  12. Dreams of chasing Santa’s reindeer
  13. New chew toys
  14. A memory foam doggie bed
  15. Getting my picture taken with Santa
  16. Being able to run on the beach because it’s not tourist season right now.
  17. And my personal favorite— tinsel. I don’t know about you, but I just love this stuff. It sparkles and gets everywhere. What’s not to love?

What is tinsel anyway? Because I love research, especially when it pertains to my favorite things, I decided to learn more about its origins. I discover that it has its roots in Germany, and the first known record of its use was in the early 1600s. Back then, people hammered silver into sheets until it was paper thin, then they cut thin strips of metal from the sheet and hung it on their Christmas trees as a decoration.

It didn’t really become popular though, until the mid 1800s, when Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of England were illustrated standing with their children in front of a tree decorated with it. The publication was reprinted in America, and because of the fame of the queen, everyone wanted some.

I like our modern version better, because it’s so and snuggly. How about you? Share some of your family’s (four-legged friends too) favorite things about the holiday season with our community on my Facebook page. Use the hashtag #charliesfavorites so others can find it. I can’t wait to hear what you pick.

Happy Holidays!

Until next time,

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