Carolina Forest’s Civic Association

by Brad Jordan

Carolina Forest is one of the fastest growing communities in Horry County. It has been a melting pot of cultures from around the country for years, as its popularity for being a great place to live and retire has grown. It has become unusual to meet someone that is actually from South Carolina, much less Horry County.

People have moved to Carolina Forest for many reasons. One of them is escaping the cold weather, of course. The other most common one is that they are escaping high taxation in the Northeastern states. Our taxes are about a tenth of some of those neighboring states to the North.

One of the reasons I joined the Carolina Forest Civic Association (CFCA) was to ensure that the reasons people moved here are also why they stay. The CFCA is bringing the concerns of the residents of Carolina Forest to the attention of the Horry County Council. It is also implementing activities such as the Carolina Forest Business Expo. This event focuses on Carolina Forest Businesses and provides a venue for the community to see those local businesses that want and need their support.

This past year, the CFCA began the Joe DeFeo Memorial Scholarship Golf Tournament, which will be giving out its first scholarship this year. Only senior students who plan to attend college from Carolina Forest High School may apply. This year we are planning on starting the Taste of the Forest event that will be much like the Taste of the Town event held every year in Myrtle Beach.

It is our goal to try and keep Carolina Forest safe, clean and affordable. We encourage everyone to get involved and come out to our monthly meeting on March 20 from 6-7pm at the Carolina Forest Recreation Center. We will be discussing what we believe to be our priorities in representing Carolina Forest. 

We are here to serve the people of Carolina Forest, and we would like your guidance as to what you think our priorities should be.

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