Bartram Trail, North Carolina

Hike It Up! Bartram Hiking Trail

The Ultimate Outdoor Playground

Nestled in the stunning landscapes of southwestern North Carolina is the Bartram Trail, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Stretching 110 miles, this trail offers diverse hiking experiences, each showcasing the area’s natural beauty.

Diverse Trails for All Levels:

Bartram Trail caters to all skill levels, offering a range of hikes. Easy strolls like Sandy Ford and Scaly Mountain (1-3 miles) are perfect for beginners, taking 1-2 hours. Intermediate hikers favor Jones Gap to Whiterock Mountain and Warwoman Dell, covering 4-6 miles in 3-4 hours with moderate elevation changes. Experienced hikers seek the challenge of the Chattooga River Trail, spanning 10 miles in 6-8 hours, featuring steep ascents and descents rewarded with breathtaking river views. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned hiker, Bartram Trail has an adventure tailored to your abilities.

Hiking-Only Policy:

One of the standout features of Bartram Trail is its commitment to preserving its natural beauty. The trail is designated for hiking only; any motorized vehicles, whether powered by fossil fuels or human effort, are prohibited. This ensures a serene and pollution-free environment for all visitors to enjoy.

Fun Activities Beyond Hiking:

Beyond its renowned hiking, Bartram Trail offers birdwatching, wildlife encounters, and ideal spots for photography, picnics, and meditation. The Jones Gap to Whiterock Trail section invites adventure with rustic camping sites, dog-friendly policies, and Instagram-worthy panoramic views. Brace for challenging muddy and rocky terrain, making it an unforgettable Bartram Trail experience. Grab your hiking boots, leash your furry friend, and embark on this adventure!

In conclusion, Bartram Trail caters to outdoor enthusiasts with diverse hikes, pristine surroundings, and a commitment to preserving its beauty. Whether seeking an easy stroll or a challenging adventure, this trail has something for every nature lover. Pack your hiking boots and explore the wonders of Bartram Trail.

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