Peace, Love and Little Donuts

Peace, Love & Little Donuts offers catering for weddings and special events and can delight guests with any of the sixty plus types of donuts they carry. They can also custom create flavors to make your occasion that much more memorable.

Catering Weddings, Parties and Special Events

by Melissa LaScaleia

Since they first opened their doors in the Market Common in 2017, Peace, Love and Little Donuts has established itself as a funky and happy neighborhood hang-out spot. It’s an easy, cheerful space, where a spirit of fun prevails. And how could it not be, when donuts and coffee are what’s on the menu?

There are over sixty possible combinations of available types of donuts, which include several popular cereal and candy bar toppings, as well as more exotic toppings like salted caramel macchiato, and the all-time customer favorite— maple bacon. They even offer doggie donuts— ones with peanut butter frosting with a milk-bone biscuit on top. 

They are forever creating new flavors of donuts, some even influenced by patrons’ requests.

The donut itself, the canvas upon which a tapestry of gastronomic delights is bedecked, is no ordinary, generic cake recipe. 

The franchise, which began in Pittsburg, created a specialized donut to appeal to epicurean tastes, resulting, in the words of Clayton Matthews, the owner of the shop in the Market Common, in “A gourmet donut kind of experience.”

To begin the experience, you first stand at the counter as your donut is freshly fried in front of you. Then, on to the donut bar, and witness your selection being dressed before your eyes. 

There are three levels of donut decadence: Groovy, Far Out, and Funkadelic, which range, as their titles imply, from something pretty cool to the works. Their rotating Groovy selections are made up of plain, powdered sugar, glazed, and cinnamon sugar. Far Out donuts come with just frosting; and Funkadelic ones are frosted plus any toppings. 

In keeping with their theme of fun, they also specialize in catering weddings, special events, and hosting birthday parties at their event space in their store.

“We get many wedding requests,” says Clayton. “They’ve evolved into a big part of the events that we cater— everything from being one of the dessert options, to being the only dessert.”

Clayton and his team can outfit a wedding with any of the 60 plus donut flavors that they carry, as well as custom-make donuts for your special day to your exacting specifications. 

They can create a donut cake, or a donut tier, in which donuts are placed on clear acrylic or gold towers, and range from 2-7 layers high. They also offer 2-pack boxes as wedding favors. 

donuts on a tiered display
Peace, Love & Little Donuts has beautifully appointed donut tiers in gold and acrylic. Ranging from 2-7 layers high, they artfully show off whatever custom donut-creations you choose.

“We can do any custom colors or designs the bride and groom want,” he says. “Since we’ve been open, we’ve done everything from a couple dozen to a thousand custom donuts for one event.

“We can even do a hot donut bar onsite at the wedding. The bride and groom choose 6-10 of our donuts, and we make them in front of guests at the wedding just as if you came into our store. Some people offer the donut bar during cocktail hour while the wedding party is doing photos, some do it during dinner, and many do it during both. During the wedding, people can come pick out the donuts they want and we’ll make them for them.”

Peace, Love and Little Donuts offers a complimentary in-store tasting for the bride and groom as well as your entire wedding party should you so choose.

“What we offer is something different and extremely memorable,” Clayton says. “It’s a lot of fun for everyone because it’s innovative, and because donuts are, simply put, fun.”

It’s significantly less expensive than a traditional cake too, and the younger millennial set, the demographic heading to the altar the most often these days, are more in favor of innovation than tradition.

But no matter your event, Peace, Love and Little Donuts has you covered. They also host birthday parties for kids of all ages in the private function room in the back of the store where each child has the opportunity to make their own donut. 

Peace, Love and Little Donuts

Open S-Th 8am-6pm; Fr & Sa 8am-7pm

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