Russo’s For Rescues: A Local Pack and Ship Business and an Animal-Loving Artist Team Up to Give Strays Love This Holiday Season: December 2019

PaintRx: We Take the Pain Out of Painting: December 2019

Jiffy Lube: Creating Customers for Life Through Fast, Friendly, Clean and Professional Service: December 2019

Sora Bora Boutique: Where Comfort and Elegance Go Hand in Hand and Garment to Garment: December 2019

Mozzarella’s: We’re Just Different: December 2019

The Big “M” Casino: South Carolina’s Only Casino Boat is in Little River: December 2019

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Local Businesses

Mickey Davis and her husband Norton have been spending their winters in Myrtle Beach for the past decade.  “Because it’s winter and there are less tourists here, I notice the unemployment,” she says.  “And because of the unemployment, I noticed the lack of food.  My son is a food director for the Burlington, Vermont schools, …

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Rich and Diane Duloft standing in their store

Walking into Wild Birds Unlimited in Surfside Beach, owned by Diane and Rich Duloft, is like stepping into a world of everything outdoor birds.  The store is part of a franchise, but each shop is different because it expresses the uniqueness of the owner and reflects the natural environment in which it is located.  Diane’s …

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Jim Urban was born and raised in the small town of Augusta, Kentucky.  After graduating high school, he joined the U.S. Army and served for nine years as an active duty member.  “I beat on the Berlin Wall when it came down in 1989,” he says.  “But my proudest military moment was when I was …

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A Message from Our Team

“Years ago, when I first started at the Insider as a public relations specialist, and would speak to people about our publication, they would say that they had never heard of us.  I used to reply, “You soon will!”  Because I believed in our vision and ability to broadcoast the unique offerings that lay like hidden gems in our community—everything from fairs and festivals to small local businesses— and I knew it was only a matter of time before people saw the value that we provided. 

Fast forward to today.  People recognize our monthly print publication and our rack distribution channels at local area Walmarts, office buildings, and grocery stores.  We’re now the go-to paper for the Grand Strand.  Now long-time locals and recent transplants will stop me at fairs and community gatherings to share with me how much they love our publication.  When I’m walking around town, and someone comes up to me and says, “Oh I get that paper!” or, “Oh yeah, The Coastal Insider— every time I come to the area, I use it,” I feel simply delighted to know that I’m a part of this. 

People are my passion and always have been.  I love connecting with others, to help support them the best way I know how.  And I just love this publication because it’s a vehicle for me to do so.  It’s been so rewarding to me to see how the culture is diversifying around Myrtle Beach, and how the Insider connects us all, as more small local businesses spring up or step forward into the limelight to offer their services and unique products to the people who live and visit here. 

We hope you enjoy the businesses featured in this, our end of the year edition.  Stay tuned for what we have in store next year.  We at the Insider wish you and our entire community a very Happy Holiday season and a blessed New Year.”

– Latoya Grayson  Director of Marketing


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Charlie’s Corner

Oh boy the holidays are here again!  I just love this beautiful season of peace, harmony, and guaranteed turkey.  And this year I’m especially excited because one of my fans knit me a stocking to hang from the mantelpiece.  Not only can I wear it like a body sock (it’s now my new favorite snuggling …

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Meet Your Neighbor

Introduce me to your family.  It’s myself and my wife, Dianna.  I have two daughters.  The eldest, Shannon, lives in West Virginia.  Our youngest, Kristen, lives in Colorado.  I have a grandson in West Virginia too.  Where are all the places you came from?  Where do you live now? We started out in Northern Virginia.  …

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Market Common History

PART ONE “I was born on September 3, 1927, in a small village on the small island of Cape Breton, in Nova Scotia— it’s off of Prince Edward Island.  I was born in a small farmhouse with no electricity.  My grandmother was the midwife. My mother was born on the island too.  She was an …

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Recipe Corner

There are many sundries characteristic of the holiday season, but none so quintessentially homey as the sight and smell of gingerbread.  Gingerbread traces its origins to ancient Greece and was immensely popular by the Middle Ages.  Over time, as is wont to happen, creativity took hold, and gingerbread were fashioned into all manner of shapes …

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Our September recipe celebrates the abundance of what’s in your garden and at the market this month.  When you tire of popping cherries in your mouth, but still want to savor the rich, sun-ripened fruits, head to the kitchen and brave the heat of the stove with this scone recipe.  Slicing and de-pitting the cherries …

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These are an ooey, gooey, sticky-finger treat that you won’t want to miss.  The ingredients are simple, but together make for a satisfying, mouth-watering dessert.  This is a perfect recipe to cook up with any little ones in your family, as it’s easy, fun, and takes vitually minutes to prepare.  Plus you mix the ingredients …

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