Thanksgiving Safety: 5 Foods to Avoid for Your Dogs

Thanksgiving beckons with gratitude, gatherings, and lavish feasts. As you join loved ones in celebration, prioritize your furry friends’ safety. The American Kennel Club and health professionals unequivocally advise against five foods for your dogs during this Thanksgiving celebration.

1. Turkey Bones: A Recipe for Disaster

While turkey takes the spotlight at Thanksgiving, be cautious with bones. Cooked poultry bones can splinter, posing risks like internal injuries or choking. Keep bones and carcasses away from your pet.

2. Onions and Garlic: Hidden Dangers

Avoid potential harm to your furry friends by steering clear of onions and garlic, common ingredients in stuffing and gravies. Even small amounts can pose risks, causing damage to your dog’s red blood cells, leading to anemia and other health issues. Keep these ingredients safely out of reach.

3. Gravy: A High-Fat Pitfall

Indulging your dog in Thanksgiving gravy might be tempting, but beware of potential issues like stomach upset and pancreatitis due to its richness. Choose dog-friendly gravy or stick to their regular diet for a healthier treat.

4. Raisins and Grapes: A Potent Poison

Raisins and grapes are often found in Thanksgiving dishes like casseroles and desserts. However, they can be extremely toxic to dogs, causing kidney failure even in small amounts. Be extra cautious to prevent your dog from snacking on these hazardous treats.

5. Desserts and Sweets: Sugar Spells Trouble

The dessert table is laden with sugary delights during Thanksgiving, but sweets are a definite no-no for dogs. Chocolate, a common ingredient in desserts, is toxic to dogs, and other sweet treats can lead to weight gain and dental issues. Keep all sugary and chocolatey items well out of your pet’s reach.

A Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving for Your Canine Companions

This Thanksgiving, as you celebrate with your family and friends, ensure that your furry family members are also protected from potential food hazards. By avoiding these five common foods, you can enjoy a safe and joyful Thanksgiving with your dogs, making cherished memories while keeping them healthy and happy.

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