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Nancy and Jerry Toia in the Market Common. - Photo by Meganpixels Parker

Q&A with Nancy and Jerry Toia

From Rural New York to Bustling Market Common, Nancy and Jerry Toia Delight In Festivals, Fundraisers, and Their Community

by Melissa LaScaleia

Introduce me to your family.

My husband Jerry and I have two daughters, one lives in New York, the other is down here in Myrtle Beach. We have six grandchildren.

Where do you live in the Market Common?

The Belmont Building on Howard Ave.

Why did you move to the Market Common?

The main reason was so we could be out every day of the year. And we wanted to be able to walk to many things. My husband gets his haircut within walking distance. I get my nails done within walking distance. We love that the movie theatre is a bargain – and we love Barnes & Noble and the reasonably priced restaurants. 

We like that they offer so many activities at the Market Common throughout the year, like the festivals and charity fundraisers. We were so rural in New York, and down here, we feel like we’re living in a little city. We also appreciate how close we are to the beach. We love the little community we have here in our building; we all watch out for one another.

Where are all the places you came from?

Just one place: rural Orange County, New York—from a little town called Huguenot.

Do you have a favorite place in the Market Common?

Travinia Italian Kitchen. It’s my husband’s favorite place. He’s Italian and just loves the food. We’ve both gained weight since we’ve moved here.

What’s your favorite thing about living in the Market Common?

Not having to get in the car for our shopping— we manage to walk to a Food Lion. Eventually, we may not be driving.

How has your lifestyle changed since moving here?

We’re much more active, mainly because of the weather.

What new activities have you taken up since moving here?

We go to Brookgreen Gardens quite often. We read more, and I take adult education classes at Coastal Carolina University. We also go to every performance at the community theatre, Stage Left.

Do you find people here friendlier or more at ease?

Yes, very. There are a lot of northern transplants down here.

What are your favorite things to do here?

We love to go to the beach and walk. We love how the community comes to us— and that there are constant bands and festivals.

Is there anything that you miss or would like to see in the Market Common?

We’re hoping for a new grocery store.

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