Brookgreen Gardens: Home to the #1 Christmas Lights in South Carolina

The Garden of Wonders That’ll Light Up Your Life!

So, you’ve heard of Brookgreen Gardens, right? If not, where have you been hiding? This place is like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but for nature lovers. They’ve got it all—nature, art, wildlife, and even a sprinkle of local history. And guess what? They’re about to turn it up a notch with Nights of a Thousand Candles, their holiday extravaganza!

Picture this: from November 26 to January 2, every Thursday through Sunday, the gardens transform into a magical wonderland. It’s not just a light show; it’s a masterpiece! Millions of lights are doing the tango with the landscape and permanent art installations. It’s like Christmas threw up glitter all over Brookgreen, and we’re here for it!

A Glittering Legacy: The Birth and Brilliance of Nights of a Thousand Candles

Now, the Nights of a Thousand Candles wasn’t born yesterday; it’s been around since 1999. Started by a bunch of holiday enthusiasts, the event kicked off as the Luminaria Festival. Fast forward, it’s now a dazzling spectacle that covers every nook and cranny of the sculpture gardens. And here’s the kicker—they use REAL candles. None of that fake stuff. We’re talking 2,700 candles every evening, totaling a whopping 35,000 during the event. That’s more candles than a birthday party for the Queen!

Lauren Joseph, the marketing maestro at Brookgreen, spills the tea on their candle magic. With a hundred staff and volunteers, they light up the place in 20 minutes. The floating candles take a bit longer, thanks to the crew in hip waders doing the water waltz.

Expecting 65,000 party animals over 20 nights, the event is hotter than a turkey on Thanksgiving. Lauren’s got one word for you: tickets. Grab them fast, or you might miss the glow-up of the year!

But hold on, there’s more! The model train display is flexing its muscles, live entertainment is ready to rock, and the food options are like a culinary rollercoaster. Pizza, BBQ, fish, tacos—you name it, they’ve got it. It’s a feast fit for royalty.

Brookgreen at 90: A Magical Celebration Continues

Fast forward to 2021, and Brookgreen turns 90, but the party’s not stopping. Nights of a Thousand Candles is not just a spectacle; it’s a gateway drug to everything Brookgreen has to offer. Conservation, horticulture, sculptures—imagine it as Disneyland but with more culture and fewer mouse ears.

So, folks, grab your tickets, mark your calendar, and get ready to be lit up at Brookgreen Gardens. It’s not just a family tradition; it’s a holiday spectacle that’ll have you saying, “Move over, Rudolph, Nights of a Thousand Candles is stealing the show!”

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