10 Fun Things to Do With the Kids in Myrtle Beach this Spring Break

10 Fun Things to Do With the Kids in Myrtle Beach this Spring Break

Elevate Your Family Vacation with These Unmissable Myrtle Beach Attractions

Welcome to Myrtle Beach! It’s pretty much the go-to spot if you’re looking to mix up the usual beach day with some extra fun. Between the sand, the sea, and a bunch of cool places we can check out, there’s loads to do here. Thinking about what’s next after building the millionth sandcastle? We’ve got a whole list of adventures waiting. So, are we diving in?

Leap into a universe where gravity is optional and excitement reaches new peaks at Sky Zone Trampoline Park. This isn’t just any trampoline park—it’s a world of high-flying fun! With over 10,000 square feet of connected trampolines, this place turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Embrace your inner athlete with dodgeball on trampolines, or conquer the ninja warrior course to test your agility and strength. Alongside these exhilarating activities, don’t miss out on the park’s featured attractions—the Air Court and Lil’ Ninja. The Air Court offers a unique, high-flying basketball experience that lets you slam dunk in ways you’ve only dreamed of, while Lil’ Ninja presents our younger adventurers with a captivating obstacle course designed especially for them, ensuring fun is always within safe bounds. And for the tiny tots, Little Leapers provides a secure space to jump to their heart’s content. Sky Zone is where family memories reach new heights, leaving everyone with beaming smiles and perhaps, a bit of a workout. Come defy gravity and let your spirit soar!

Looking for a chill day immersed in nature? Huntington and Myrtle Beach State Parks are your go-to spots. With lush trails, picnic spots, and serene beaches, it’s a breath of fresh air from the beachfront hustle. The kids will love the playgrounds, and you’ll appreciate the easy parking and clean restrooms. Plus, exploring Atalaya Castle at Huntington? Major cool parent points.

Channel your family’s inner detectives at The Escape Game! Locked in a room, you’ve got 60 minutes to crack codes, solve puzzles, and escape. From treasure hunts to space missions, it’s a thrilling challenge for all ages. It’s not just fun; it’s a teamwork triumph waiting to happen. Will your family escape in time?

Why We Love the South Carolina Aquarium for a Day of Family Fun

Dive deep without getting wet at Ripley’s Aquarium. It’s an under-the-sea journey where sharks glide overhead, and you can tickle the bellies of stingrays. The Penguin Playhouse? Absolutely adorable. It’s a cool way to learn about marine life while staying perfectly dry. Perfect for curious kids and adults alike, it’s an oceanic adventure right on dry land.

Flip your day upside down at WonderWorks! This amusement park for the mind has over 100 interactive exhibits that spark curiosity in kids and nostalgia in adults. Feel hurricane winds, design a rollercoaster, or explore the mysteries of space. It’s a brainy blast for the entire family.

EdVenture isn’t just a museum; it’s a giant playground for minds. With hands-on exhibits and interactive fun, it’s the perfect spot for curious explorers. Located conveniently at The Market Common, it’s educational fun hidden in play. Watch your little ones light up with every discovery!

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This inclusive playground is a game-changer, with equipment designed for kids of all abilities. Ziplines, music parks, and swings ensure no one sits out the fun. It’s a vibrant spot where laughter fills the air, and play knows no boundaries. Free, fun, and fabulous for families, Savannah’s Playground is a must-visit for open-hearted play.

Brookgreen Gardens is a serene escape where art, nature, and wildlife meet. Wander through the sculpture garden, say hi to the animals at the Lowcountry Zoo, and let the kids burn off energy at the playground. It’s a peaceful day out where beauty and fun intertwine.

Adrenaline junkies, unite! The Pavilion Park is your ticket to rides that twirl, whirl, and zoom. With areas tailored for all ages, it’s a family-friendly spot to let loose. Between the kiddie rides and thrill rides, there’s something to make everyone scream (with joy, of course). Don’t miss the classic carousel for a dose of nostalgia.

Ready to hit the gas on some serious fun? Broadway Grand Prix is your family’s dream pit stop in Myrtle Beach! Think seven go-kart tracks that range from pro-level sprints to easy-breezy kiddie rides. And it doesn’t stop there—try your luck at mini-golf, get a thrill from new Bumper Cars, or challenge the arcade. No matter the occasion, Broadway Grand Prix promises a day packed with laughter and high-speed hijinks.

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