Iceland Ring Road

Your Ultimate 9-Day Guide to Iceland’s Ring Road

Day 1: Serenity at the Blue Lagoon and Seljalandsfoss's Magic

Stay: Private room in a home in Hvolsvöllur, Iceland A cozy farm stay with panoramic views of iconic volcanoes and opportunities to spot the Northern Lights.

Highlights: Begin with the soothing Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa that epitomizes relaxation. Next, marvel at the majesty of Seljalandsfoss, a waterfall you can walk behind, feeling its mist and power up close.

Day 2: Exploring Iceland's South Coast

Stay: Reynivellir, Old Farmhouse and Cottages

Discover: The journey continues with a visit to Seljavallalaug, a secluded swimming hole with warm waters. Witness Skógafoss, a spectacular 60-meter-high waterfall, where rainbows often dance in its spray. The day concludes at the dramatic Black Sand Beach in Vík and the picturesque Skaftafell in Austur-Skaftafellssysla.

Days 3–4: The North-Eastern Adventures

Stay: Room in Húsavík, Iceland—a tranquil guesthouse on a sheep farm, nestled in a scenic valley.

Explore: Experience the quaint charm of Djúpivogur and the rustic allure of a local gas station eatery in Eiðar. Immerse in the therapeutic Reykjahlíð sulfur springs. Embark on an awe-inspiring tour to Askja, a remote caldera offering a moon-like landscape and a unique geothermal bathing experience.

Dine: Relish authentic Icelandic cuisine at Vogafjos, a farm restaurant known for its fresh, locally-sourced dishes.

Days 5–6: Akureyri and the Magic of Midnight Sun

Stay: Guesthouse Temple in Water Valley

Experience: Arrive in Akureyri, where summer’s midnight sun bathes the landscape in surreal, never-ending daylight. Explore Reykhólar to witness wild horses in their natural habitat. Dine at Hotel Flókalundar in Bíldudalur and visit the majestic Dynjandi waterfall, a series of cascades culminating in a grand 100-meter drop.

Days 7-9: The Reykjavik Finale

Stay: The Greenhouse Hotel

Reykjavik Insights: Spend your last days in Reykjavik, where the city’s energy harmonizes with the endless summer light. Discover its rich history, diverse culture, and culinary delights. The capital’s vibrant atmosphere under the midnight sun provides a fitting end to your Icelandic saga.

This 9-day journey along Iceland’s Ring Road is a testament to nature’s artistry. From the relaxing Blue Lagoon to the majestic waterfalls and the ethereal beauty of the Midnight Sun, every moment is a brushstroke on a canvas of awe and wonder. As you traverse this land of fire and ice, each day unveils a new chapter of Iceland’s enchanting story, leaving you with memories illuminated by the never-setting summer sun.

Embark on this adventure, and let Iceland’s magic captivate your soul.

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