Christmas Parades

Tis the Season: Grand Strand’s Parade Wonderland

Grand Strand’s festive season ignites with enchanting Christmas parades, promising magic and captivation for audiences of all ages. Coastal North Myrtle Beach to historic Georgetown, every parade blends holiday spirit with regional cultural heritage, enchanting spectators.

Grand Strand Parade

1. Very Broadway Christmas Parade (Dec 2, 11AM to 12.30pm)

The Very Broadway Christmas Parade kicks off the season, a dazzling procession winding through Myrtle Beach’s iconic Broadway at the Beach. With colorful floats, marching bands, and an appearance by Santa Claus, it sets the perfect tone for the Yuletide season.

North Myrtle Beach’s early risers, against the rising sun, get a dose of holiday spirit at the Christmas Parade. Begin your day positively with the parade, showcasing festive displays from local schools, businesses, and organizations, all beautifully adorned.

3. Christmas Parade in Georgetown (Dec 2, 11am to 2pm)

Georgetown transforms into a winter wonderland during its Christmas Parade—a timeless showcase of Southern hospitality and festive charm. The charming streets come alive with the sights and sounds of the holidays, making it a must-see event for everyone.

4. Murrells Inlet Christmas Parade (Dec 3, 3pm)

The Murrells Inlet Christmas Parade adds a coastal flair to the traditional experience, celebrating by the waterfront with unique charm. Spectators can enjoy the spectacle from The MarsWalk, creating unforgettable memories against the picturesque backdrop of the Inlet.

5. Conway's Christmas Parade (Dec 9, 10am)

The historic streets of Conway become a holiday tableau during Conway’s Christmas Parade. An age-old tradition, the event unites the community for a festive celebration with floats, music, and December camaraderie’s warmth.

6. Surfside Beach Christmas Parade (Dec 9, 2pm to 4pm)

Surfside Beach invites locals and visitors to join in the merriment with its Christmas Parade— a lively procession that winds through the heart of this coastal town. From classic cars to spirited marching bands, the parade captures the essence of the community— and togetherness.

7. Golf Cart Christmas Parade at Barefoot (Dec 10, 3pm)

Adding a touch of whimsy to the holiday lineup, the Golf Cart Christmas Parade at Barefoot turns the traditional parade concept on its head. Residents and visitors decorate their golf carts with flair, creating a unique and merry spectacle that brings an added dose of laughter and delight to the season.

As the Grand Strand transforms into a Yuletide paradise, these Christmas parades promise to be a highlight of the season, bringing communities together and spreading the joy of Christmas throughout the coastal region.

So, mark your calendars, bundle up, and get ready to be swept away by the enchantment of the Grand Strand’s Christmas Parade Extravaganza!

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