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This Too Shall Pass

by Kevin Gunn

Life is full of ups and downs. And this time, the challenges came at a time when economically, things seemed to be going pretty well— the stock market at all time highs, with the lowest unemployment figures in fifty years. Then, like a thief in the night, a foreign invader in the form of virus entered to disrupt the flow of our lives.

It’s unsettling and uncertain, but it’s also a testament to our resiliency how quickly the people of our community can adapt and overcome the obstacles and challenges that we face when they present themselves. Just as when we’ve faced crises in the past, we see people doing what is necessary not just to survive, but thrive. When I speak to people in our community, I see that we truly are an optimistic people who simply do what is necessary during uncertain times.

More than ever, right now, we need one another and are depending on each other to stay safe. People with no symptoms may be carriers of the virus. I strongly believe we should do all we can to keep ourselves and each other safe by practicing social distancing, and being as responsible as we can during this time.

I also encourage people to continue doing what I already see them doing: things like supporting local restaurants, by choosing takeout. I hear of people leaving generous tips to help the service industry workers get through this period of time. 

I see people coming up with new and exciting directions to take their businesses while they have the time to incubate and develop new strategies. I’ve heard a lot of people are taking the time to connect with friends and family that they haven’t been connected with in some time. 

And I see people reconnecting with nature by enjoying the beach, taking a bike ride, going for a run, or a walk. Pawleys Island, quiet, off the beaten path, with miles of beach for walking, is a perfect place to explore right now.

Life is flux and you can’t control it. But you can control how you react, how you help one another, and what you do with the time and resources that you have. Those kinds of decisions can make memories that last forever.

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