Little River: The Seat of South Carolina’s Most Haunted Restaurant

The Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro

by Emily Smith

The creaking of an old house is usually just the building settling. But at the Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro in Little River, odd noises could be tidings from generations past.

Considered to be the most haunted restaurant in South Carolina, the Brentwood has been a part of the Little River community since 1994, although the house itself was built in the early 1910s.

Belonging to Clarence and Essie McCorsley, the missus was left with the house and four children when her husband unexpectedly died at an early age. Instead of selling her home, Essie used it as a tourist house, allowing traveling fisherman to sup and stay the night.

Keeping strict order was important for a single woman running a business during this age especially after her sons went to serve in WWII, and her daughters left to start families of their own. The house remained under Essie’s watch until her passing in 1974, and with no family left in the area, the building was sold.

Yet to this day, people claim Essie remains an unobtrusive but ever watchful presence.

Near the upstairs bathroom, a shadow has been seen to breeze past though no one is nearby. Remain too long in the facilities, and you may just hear a sigh outside the door.

On multiple occasions, glasses and ashtrays suddenly plummet and shatter on the floor— without having been pushed. Many reports and eyewitnesses claim to see figures through the windows when the area should be unoccupied. Glowing orbs have been caught numerous times on surveillance cameras, floating from room to room.

Ghost tours are available throughout the year, with dinner and dessert first, followed by a 45-minute guided exploration of the house. The tour guide will provide the building’s history and a listing of the many mysterious occurrences that have happened throughout this century-old home.

With a rich history and delicious Lowcountry-inspired French cuisine, the Brentwood is already a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. Add to that with reports of unexplainable phenomenon, and it comes as no surprise that many find the Brentwood to be their favorite haunt. 

October is the perfect month to add a little extra spooky to your life, so be sure to check out this area gem and celebrate the Halloween season.

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