Summer in Surfside Beach

by the Town of Surfside Beach

Summer in Surfside Beach comes with regulations to make sure everyone stays in the loop and continues to enjoy fun in the sun. We are proud to be named the Family Beach, and want everyone who comes to visit to enjoy their day. 

There are signs indicating where authorized town vehicles access the beaches if needed, so that you and your family and friends know where to safely set up for your beach day. 

When you come to the beach during the summer months, make sure to leave any pets home. Dogs are welcome on the beach from September 16 through May 14, provided they are on a leash. We provide pet waste bags for your pet so we can keep our beaches safe and sanitary for all. 

The town of Surfside Beach welcomes surfers and we love to watch them on our waves. To keep everyone safe during the busy summer season, surfers are welcome in designated sections from May 15 through September 15, from 10am-5pm. To stay safe, don’t surf within 300 feet of the pier, and be sure to wear equipment leashes at all times. During the off season, surfers are welcome to surf anywhere at the beach from sun up to sun down.

We have lifeguards posted for your safety, as riptides are common on our coast. When in the water, remember not to swim out deeper than the height of your chest, and no further than fifty yards from the shore. If you get caught in a rip current, swim with the current parallel to the shore until you break free. Then head immediately to shore. 

Surfside Beach welcomes you to set off your own fireworks on the beach one day of the year only— the Fourth of July.  We hope you enjoy the party!  In keeping with our family friendly theme, alcoholic beverages and tobacco products are not allowed at the beach. 

Whenever you visit our beaches, be sure to practice a leave-no-trace policy.  Pack all your trash out with you, or dispose of it in the bins provided.  In this way, you help to preserve our oceans, protect our sea life, and ensure that everyone is able to continue enjoying swimming in our beautiful waters and frequenting our sandy shores. 

Sea turtles are endangered species that nest on our shores. Help to protect and preserve these special creatures by leaving the beaches properly. We welcome you to enjoy your time at the beach creating sand castles and sand art, but when finished, fill any holes back in. Baby sea turtles get trapped in the holes, and are unable to navigate their way to the ocean. When they can’t make it back, they die. Remember that we share this place with wild marine life, and they need our support to survive and thrive. 

If you’d like to help out more, then volunteer for our monthly Beach Sweeps, part of our mission to Keep Surfside Beach Beautiful program

To learn more, visit our Facebook page @ Keep Surfside Beach Beautiful. 

Lastly, The Surfside Beach Summer of Fun Free Music Festival is a weekly event held in Passive Park every Sunday from June 2 through September 29, from 2-5pm. Come enjoy music, food, and vendors. 

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