Springing Into a More Positive Mindset

Springing Into A More Positive Mindset

by Jen Kavanagh

The right mindset is the key to creating long term success with reaching your goals: both in losing weight, and in any area of your life. It’s something that many of us know, but changing and maintaining a mindset that keeps you on the right track is not merely a matter of intellectual knowing. So below are some tips for helping you to set your internal compass to success. 

1) Exercise, even for short bursts, serves a greater purpose than just caloric burn. It’s a huge help in keeping your thoughts positive and in developing greater discipline; it also helps you stay on track with eating throughout the day. 

2) Start and end each day with ten reps of your favorite exercise. It could be squats, push-ups, sit ups, stretches … you choose. 

3) Start and end each day by writing down what you’re grateful for. Gratitude for what we do have shifts our focus to one of fulfillment and positivity rather than lack and negativity. 

 4) Start each day by setting or even writing your intention for the day. What do you intend to do, feel, or accomplish today? How do you want to show up for yourself? For others? End your day by reflecting on how your day went. It doesn’t matter what you choose, but why you choose it. 

Starting and ending your day with intention sends a strong message to your mind that you are serious about your goals. One small step toward self accountability each day will start to create healthy habits that will lead to success over time. It doesn’t take much time to do, or to see results. Try this for one month, and see what a difference it makes for yourself in your own life. 

People often struggle with change because they don’t feel motivated and are waiting until they do to begin a new habit or to stay consistent with one. But unlike inspiration, which seems to arrive like magic from nowhere, motivation is something that has to be cultivated. It gets stronger the more you use it (just like your muscles). And just like your muscles, it takes regular upkeep. 

When you can achieve quick mini daily goals, like smile more, give someone a compliment, inhale deeply, stand in the sunshine for a few minutes and soak it up— whatever it is, and you begin to see that you can accomplish these small tasks you set your mind to, it drives you forward to greater success. 

If you were to take on this challenge, what one small action would you commit to? 

Make it an amazing day,


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