Your Guide to an Early Spring Vacation in Napoli and the Amalfi Coast

Experience the Best of Naples and the Amalfi Coast Without the Crowds

Day 1 | Touchdown in Naples

The Heart of History and Vibrancy

Welcome to Napoli, a city where the grandeur of ancient Rome is outshined by its own vibrant and storied history. As you disembark in this city, whose heartbeat has pulsed through the millennia, you find yourself in Italy’s first major metropolis. Deeply rooted in the fertile soil of history, Napoli, originally known as Parthenope and later reestablished as Neapolis (“New City”), emerges from the 9th century B.C. as one of Europe’s most ancient urban centers. This bustling metropolis, rich in cultural tapestry and historical layers—from its Greek origins to its pivotal role in Italian heritage—beckons you to dive into a journey through time, culture, and the essence of Neapolitan life.

Before settling into your home away from home,  stock up on Italian essentials — think fresh produce, local cheeses, and perhaps a bottle of fine regional wine to enjoy in the comfort of your rental.

Stay: Trinity 23

Your retreat in Naples is Trinity 23 (view on Airbnb), a 15th-century apartment nestled in the vibrant Spanish Quarter. This beautifully modernized space offers a unique blend of historical charm and contemporary comfort, allowing you to live like a true Neapolitan.

Just a stone’s throw from your door, indulge in the local delicacy of Pizza Fritta. If gluten isn’t your nemesis, you’re in for a treat with this quintessential Naples street food, available mere steps from your temporary abode.

As you unwind from your travels and enjoy your first night in Naples, let the city’s energetic atmosphere and rich history promise an unforgettable start to your early spring vacation on the Amalfi Coast.

Day 2 | A Day of Wellness, Culinary Delights, and Architectural Wonders

Relax:  Beauty Clinic Medical by Adriana Attrice
Via Plutone, 2, 80029 Sant’Antimo NA, Italy

Begin your second day with a journey towards rejuvenation at Beauty Clinic Medical by Adriana Attrice, nestled in Via Plutone, 2, 80029 Sant’Antimo NA, Italy. Immerse yourself in the world of innovative massage techniques under the skilled hands of Adriana, an expert in advanced aesthetics and wellness, utilizing the Manuela Shala Method. In July 2021, Manuela introduced the groundbreaking LymphoModeling Massage Method, a technique designed to enhance both external beauty and internal well-being from the very first session. This method, celebrated for its effectiveness in boosting self-esteem and fitness among millions of women worldwide, encapsulates the Italian excellence in wellness that has quickly gained international acclaim.

After a session of the LymphoModeling® Massage combined with the Divine Face Massage, seek assistance from Adriana’s staff or use WhatsApp to contact +39 351 789 0202 (Taxi Napoli) for a ride back into the heart of Naples.

Eat:  Pizzeria con Cucina ‘Ntretella
Vico Maddalenella degli Spagnoli, 19, 80132 Napoli NA, Italy

For lunch, head to Pizzeria con Cucina ‘Ntretella. Indulge in a Pizza Bolognese, a delightful creation featuring fresh cream, Italian ham, “Fior Di Latte” fresh cheese from the Lattari mountains, parmesan cheese bio, and mountain-grown potatoes. This eatery stands near the site commemorated by the Birthplace of the Pizza Margherita Plaque, celebrating Naples’ contribution to the world as the first modern pizza. Pizza’s evolution from flatbread in the 16th to mid-18th century and its documentation in AD 997 in Gaeta underscore Naples’ pivotal role in this global culinary staple’s history.

Shop: Galleria Umberto and Via Toledo
Via Santa Brigida, 68, 80132 Napoli NA, Italy

Conclude your day with a leisurely stroll through Galleria Umberto and Via Toledo, where you can marvel at the stunning art Nouveau architecture of the late 1800s. This architectural masterpiece not only showcases Italy’s rich cultural heritage but also serves as a beautiful backdrop for reflecting on a day well-spent exploring the depths of Naples’ wellness, culinary excellence, and historical grandeur.

Day 3 | Procida's Charm and Culinary Journey

Local Insider Tip: Just off Naples’ coast lies Procida, a well-kept secret among locales. This charming fishing village, characterized by its vibrant houses and tranquil harbors, offers an authentic slice of Italian life. Procida remains largely untouched by the footprints of mainstream tourism, presenting a serene escape where the Italian culture pulses most vividly. The island’s quaint streets and the warm, welcoming nature of its inhabitants make Procida a hidden gem worth discovering in the calm of March.

Explore: Molo Beverello to Procida

Embark on a captivating journey from Molo Beverello to Procida. The ferry ride, a brief escape across the sea, unveils the beauty of this serene island in just about 45 minutes. As you anticipate your arrival, treat yourself to a Mocaccino at Bar Picnic, setting the tone for a day of exploration and indulgence on Procida.

Once hunger strikes, Assafá offers the perfect remedy with their Chianina served on a gluten-free bun. This delightful meal provides the energy needed to uncover the wonders of Procida, from the sacred Santuario S. Maria delle Grazie Incoronata to the breathtaking vistas at Panoramica sulla Corricella. The day continues with a stroll to Spiaggia della Chiaia, a testament to Procida’s understated beauty. Quench your thirst with a refreshing San Pellegrino Aranciata from Supermercato Cuor di CRAI (Via Pizzaco, 10, 80079 Procida NA, Italy) a simple pleasure that embodies the island’s charm.

Refresh: Anna Bellavita Caffe
Galleria Umberto I, 71, 80132 Napoli NA, Italy

After returning to Naples, a stop at Anna Bellavita Caffe in Galleria Umberto for a cioccolata serves as a sweet interlude, rejuvenating the spirit before the evening unfolds.

Dine: Trattoria Sciala popolo
Via Speranzella, 98, 80134 Napoli NA, Italy

Conclude the day’s journey with a flavorful dinner at Trattoria Sciala popolo. The Genovese, a rich pasta dish with veal and onions, offers a taste of Napoli’s culinary excellence. Whether seated indoors or out, the vibrant street life adds a unique backdrop to an exquisite meal, encapsulating the essence of Naples and the unforgettable adventure through Procida.

Day 4 | From Napoli to the Charms of Positano

Travel: Piazza Garibaldi (Napoli Centrale) to Sorrento

Embark on a quintessential Italian journey by taking a train from Piazza Garibaldi (Napoli Centrale) to Sorrento. A tip for travelers: keep your valuables secure, as locals suggest being mindful of pickpocketers. This scenic route will take you past the historic ruins of Pompeii, offering a glimpse into ancient Roman life before arriving in the picturesque town of Sorrento. Upon arrival, treat yourself to a late lunch or a refreshing gelato near the station.

Transfer: Sorrento to Positano

Next, WhatsApp Katina at +39 339 332 3493 for a taxi ride to Positano, a town steeped in legend and history. According to lore, Positano was founded when a Turkish ship carrying an icon of the Virgin Mary was beached, and the painting instructed the captain to “posa” it there. This mystical beginning ties back to the town’s establishment around a 9th-century Benedictine abbey, flourishing into the breathtaking destination it is today.

Further down the Amalfi Coast, Positano awaits like a dream woven from the cliffs themselves. A picturesque enclave famed for its steep, narrow streets, lush terraces, and stunning waterfront views, Positano offers a slice of heaven on earth. Before the summer crowds descend, its beaches whisper tales of serenity, and its pathways offer quiet adventures. In the early spring, Positano’s true spirit — one of captivating beauty and laid-back luxury — shines brightest, inviting travelers to savor its splendors without the buzz of peak season.

Stay: apt Positano Centrale

Settle into your Positano retreat, apt Positano Centrale, a conveniently located Airbnb that places you at the heart of it all. Boasting a full kitchen for those nights you wish to dine in, airflow in every direction of the home to keep you comfortable, and a bathtub that offers a serene overlook of the Tyrrhenian Sea, this accommodation ensures a stay that’s as relaxing as it is convenient. Within just a few steps, you’ll find the local grocery store, butcher shop, and convenience store, making daily necessities effortlessly accessible. Just a short walk from beaches, restaurants, and the top of the town where more culinary and shopping experiences await, this villa offers the perfect balance of convenience, charm, and luxury.

Eat and Shop: Local Delicacies and Markets

Embrace the local lifestyle by preparing a meal with the freshest ingredients from Delicatessen S.N.C. and Macelleria Scirocco. Gather essentials like pesto, pasta, heirloom tomatoes, a block of cheese, olives, butter, and specialty meats to create your own Italian feast back at the villa. Don’t forget to pick up some Limoncello to complete your culinary adventure in Positano.

Day 5: Beach Leisure and Culinary Pleasures in Positano

Walk: Positano Spiaggia

Start your day at Positano’s most iconic beach, Spiaggia Grande. This pebbled paradise, nestled at the town’s foot, offers breathtaking views of the picturesque hillside town, its colorful boats, and lovely buildings, with the green and gold dome of Church Santa Maria Assunta Positano standing prominently. Remember to bring water shoes for a more comfortable experience navigating the pebbled shore.

After soaking up the sun, hike up to Bar Internazionale for a refreshing lemon sorbet served in an actual lemon, complemented perfectly with an espresso. This delightful spot provides a sweet pause before continuing your exploration of Positano.

Conclude your day with a meal at Blu Bar Positano, where you can dine directly on the sand, on their patio, or indoors, all while enjoying the ambient sounds of the sea. The Insalata Miata, a vibrant mix of rocket salad, lettuce, olives, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and fennel topped with salmon, offers a fresh taste of local produce and the Mediterranean’s bountiful flavors. This beachside dining experience captures the essence of Positano’s laid-back luxury and stunning seaside beauty.

Day 6 | A Blend of Shopping, Sports, and Savory Delights

Shop: La Bottega Di Brunella
Viale Pasitea, 72, 84017 Positano SA, Italy

Immerse yourself in a shopping experience at La Bottega Di Brunella, where the allure of handmade Italian linen clothing awaits. Nestled along Viale Pasitea, this store and others along the same street offer a unique collection of garments. While stores like CB by Kore present beautiful pieces, remember to check the tags if you’re seeking authentic Italian-made items.

Watch Futbol: Bar Internazionale

Join the locals at Bar Internazionale for an evening of football and camaraderie. This popular spot becomes a hub of excitement on weekends, offering a fantastic way to experience local culture and passion for the sport.

Conclude your day with a dinner reservation at Il Grottino Azzurro, where the flavors of Italy come to life. Delight in their Bolognese, a rich and aromatic pasta dish featuring a finely ground mix of beef, carrots, onions, celery, wine, and wild fennel in a tomato sauce. This dining experience promises a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for reflecting on your day’s adventures.

Safety in Positano:

Positano offers not only breathtaking views and culinary delights but also a sense of security. Walking around at night, even with a young child, is considered safe, allowing you to fully enjoy the serene beauty of this coastal town without worry.

Day 7 | Discovering the Hidden Gems of Positano

Explore: Wander through Positano

Let the day guide you as you meander through the enchanting streets of Positano. With Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta as your beacon, delve into the heart of this picturesque town. A leisurely journey to Fornillo Beach, a serene counterpart to the bustling Spiaggia Grande, offers a quieter slice of beach life.

Adventure: Amalfi Coast by Ferry

Embrace the spirit of adventure with a ferry ride to explore the broader Amalfi Coast. Operating mainly on weekends, these ferries present an opportunity to visit Amalfi, Atrani, Minori, Capri, Ravello, and more, weather permitting. While the allure of Capri is undeniable, many find the understated charm of Positano and its neighbors equally captivating.

Taste: Limoncello Experience

Immerse yourself in the lemon-scented air that pervades Positano. The region’s affinity for lemons manifests in gardens cascading with these vibrant fruits, giving rise to the iconic limoncello. This zesty liqueur is a testament to the Amalfi Coast’s culinary ingenuity, enhancing desserts and dishes with its bold, refreshing flavor.  Opting for a non-alcoholic version?  Crack a bottle open and allow your cup of limoncello to vape off the alcohol contents for 3-4 days.

Day 8 | Ultimate Relaxation in Your Positano Villa

Relax: In-Villa Massage

Elevate your relaxation by booking a personalized massage session right in the comfort of your villa. Reach out to Belinda from Royal Divine via WhatsApp at +39 339 882 6368 to arrange for a skilled masseuse to deliver a rejuvenating massage tailored to your preferences. This day is dedicated to unwinding and soaking in the serene ambiance of Positano from the tranquil setting of your own space.

Day 9 | Preparing for Departure with a Touch of Adventure

Emergency: Passport Loss Solution

If a mishap occurs and someone in your travel group loses their passport, take a proactive approach by reserving a taxi for an early morning journey to the US Consulate in Napoli. Departing from Positano at 6AM, head directly to the Consulate United States Of America, located at Piazza della Repubblica, 2, 80122 Napoli NA, Italy. The consulate’s doors open from 8:30AM to 12:30PM. Ensure to communicate the urgency to your taxi driver, who can help relay the message to the consulate guards for expedited service. Typically, the emergency passport process can be completed within 3 hours.

Leisurely Departure:

For those without passport woes, the day can start at a more leisurely pace. Consider taking the bus or a taxi to Sorrento, then catch a train back to Napoli for one last exploration of this vibrant city.

Stay: Falco Suite Apt

For your final night, choose the comfort and convenience of the Falco Suite Apt, which boasts features like an in-room tub and complimentary parking, making it an ideal choice for those with early flights. Positioned close to the airport, this accommodation ensures a stress-free departure. (Use photos from Airbnb)

Explore: Via San Gregorio Armeno

Cap off your Italian escapade with a stroll through Naples’ famous tourist and shopping district, Via San Gregorio Armeno. Known for its artisan shops, especially those crafting traditional Neapolitan nativity scenes, this lively street offers a perfect opportunity for last-minute souvenirs and a final taste of Neapolitan culture.

Day 10 | Departure Day and Early Morning Travels

Departure Prep: Early Taxi Reservation

Begin your departure day by reserving a taxi for an early morning pickup using +39 351 789 0202 (Taxi Napoli). However, be aware that reservations for very early pickups, such as 4AM, might not always hold. In such cases, alternatives like Uber, brokered through IT Taxi, can offer a reliable backup solution, especially for those staying close to the airport. This ensures a smooth and stress-free journey from your Airbnb to the airport, marking the end of your memorable stay in Italy.

Embarking on a journey to Naples, Procida, and Positano in March allows travelers to witness the awakening of Italy’s coastal wonders. It’s a time when the beauty of these locales can be appreciated in its fullest, brushed by the soft, rejuvenating touch of spring and free from the summer’s energetic throngs. Whether it’s the metropolitan allure of Naples, the secret shores of Procida, or the cliffside charm of Positano, an early spring vacation here promises an immersive experience into the heart of Italy’s unparalleled landscapes and rich cultural tapestry.

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