Chocolate Pom Poms

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Pomegranates have been revered by numerous countries and cultures throughout the centuries, from Armenia and Azerbaijan, to the tables of modern day London, where the bulky fruit became all the rage after the publication of the cookbook Ottolenghi in 2018, and the little seeds bedecked dishes from eggplant to ice cream across the city. In ancient Greece, they developed the myth of Persephone and Demeter around the fruit to account for the seasons of the year. 

The below recipe couldn’t be more simple nor more delightful, and it’s quintessential for Valentine’s Day— blending that holiday’s two well-known accompaniments perfectly— chocolate and the color red. 

It is known that the energy of love is equal to the energy of creativity, so let the sparks fly and your imagination soar as you head to the kitchen this month to put your own original spin on this delicate little treat. You could substitute dark chocolate for milk, semisweet, or white, or mix and match. Add it as a topping to vanilla ice cream or a sponge cake. Where will your culinary adventure lead you? 


1 large pomegranate

½ cup dark chocolate



Peel the pomegranate, and free the seeds from the rind, collecting them in a bowl. Slowly melt the chocolate over a double boiler, stirring constantly, or at the lowest setting possible on your stove. Be careful not to burn the chocolate. 

Line a mini muffin tin with liners, add some seeds and drizzle with chocolate. Finish with a dash of cinnamon if so desired.

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