Market Common - Meet Your Neighbor
The Lee Family in the Market Common. From left to right (back): Christopher and Lisa, (front): Mikayla and Mikenzie.

Q&A with Lisa and Christopher Lee

It's a Full House Full of New Ventures With Lisa and Christopher Lee

Introduce me to your family.

I live with my husband Christopher Lee. We have two daughters. Mikayla is 7 years old and in second grade; Mikenzie is 5, and she’s in kindergarten. We have three dogs. Two are a breed called cane corso— Italian mastiffs. We just got a brand new puppy, an Australian toy shepherd, named Bane.

Where in the Market Common do you live?

Balmoral. Right next to Emmens Preserve.

Why did you move here?

Neither my husband nor I need to be in a specific place for our jobs. I run my own business as a photographer— So we made a list of places we wanted to live, and why, and Myrtle Beach ended up being on the top of our list.

I’m a big beach girl, and my husband likes being able to go out to restaurants and entertainment. We visited Myrtle Beach in January, and were pleased by the variety of activities happening as compared to other beach towns we looked at. The Market Common encompassed everything we were looking for. We’re a young family, so having restaurants and bars within walking distance to our home is great.

What are your favorite places in the Market Common?

I love the Roasted Bean— I’m a huge coffee fan; Tupelo Honey Cafe— for their atmosphere and food; Brass Tap because of the variety of craft beer they offer; and King Street Grille.

Have you taken up new activities since moving here?

I’m part of “Tuesday’s Together,” a local group for small and creative business owners, which promotes community over competition and small businesses supporting one another. I love the focus on collaboration instead of competition.

Is there anything you would like to see in the Market Common?

I’d like to see the festival scene get a little bigger. I’m excited to see how it grows—things in general are changing every couple of months as the developments continue to grow.

What’s a fun fact about you or your family?

I’ve started a fun blog— with my girlfriend. It’s about two twenty-somethings navigating life in Myrtle Beach.

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