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Q&A with Larry & Barb White

Spend Time on the Intracoastal
Waterway and Their Shop, Larry's Auto Clinic

by Melissa LaScaleia

Introduce me to your family.

It’s my husband Larry and I. We’ve been married for twenty-eight years. Our son, Johnny, is an engineer and lives in Baltimore. Our daughter, Erin, is in grad school at Webster University for child counseling and lives in Myrtle Beach. We have two rescue dogs: Simba, a golden Labrador, and Amber, a golden cocker spaniel. They are both eleven years old, and have been together for ten of those. They are so attached to each other, I don’t know what they’d do without one another.

Where are all the places you came from? What area of the Grand Strand do you now call home?

I grew up in Connecticut, and lived in Virginia and Maryland. Larry grew up in Howard County, Maryland. We live in the Arrowhead Grand subdivision, in Myrtle Beach. 

Why did you move here? 

Larry has never lived anywhere besides Maryland and he wanted to try something different. Larry is a skilled mechanic, and we owned an autoshop in Maryland. We were looking at buying a business, and when we saw a local auto clinic for sale down here, we decided to buy it. Larry’s Auto Clinic, as it was called, was a staple in the community for many years. And my husband happened to have the same name as the original owner. It felt like it was a great fit for us, and we decided to buy it.

What is your favorite place in this area?

The Intracoastal Waterway. 

What are your favorite things to do here?

Larry loves the golfing, and we both like the restaurants and live entertainment. We enjoy going to Murrells Inlet too. The music scene here is great— we enjoy visiting the Garden City Pier and the Boathouse for live music. The Market Common restaurants and bars are really wonderful. And we like taking our dogs to Tidewater Creek there, where they have a little beer garden with a dog park. 

What do you like the most about living here?

The weather and the people. We also appreciate being able to do things year-round. 

How has your lifestyle changed or what new activities have you taken up since moving here? 

People here are very easy-going and so wonderfully sweet and friendly; we’ve become a lot more laid-back as well. It’s different down here— people go out of their way to be nice. I joined the Solid Rock Church in the Market Common. The people welcomed us with open arms, and some have become loyal customers of the shop. Larry’s Auto Clinic has been great, and the people who come in here are so friendly and nice. Our customers are just the best. Our lifestyle has changed a lot because now we own a business. And we traded in our snow skis for jet skiing on the waterway— one of our new favorite pastimes. 

What is one thing that your neighbors don’t know about you?

Larry and I met in Aspen, Colorado skiing.

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