Dawn Roblero and her family

Q&A with Dawn Roblero

Beach-Lover Dawn Roblero Takes Advantage of the Balmy Weather Year-Round With Her Family

by Melissa LaScaleia

Introduce me to your family. 

My husband’s name is Carlos, and I have three boys: Jamison, Jordan, and Carlos. 

Why did you move to the Market Common?

We’re from Ohio. We moved here because we don’t like the snow. We live in Emmens Preserve. 

Where are all the places you came from?

I grew up in Ohio; this is our first move. 

Do you have a favorite place in the Market Common?

We enjoy going to Nacho Hippo a lot. 

What’s your favorite thing about living in the Market Common?

Going to the beach. We also love that there’s so much to do here year-round, especially outdoors. 

How has your lifestyle changed since moving here?

I would say it has changed a lot because now we have more opportunities to enjoy being outside. There’s so much more you can do here than you can in Ohio because of the weather. In Ohio, you only get a good three months out of the year when you can do things outside, because then it just rains. We’re able to be active here year-round. We go to Broadway at the Beach and walk around; there are always festivals to attend; and we ride our bikes a lot. We really like to be outside. 

Do you find people friendlier or more at ease?

Yes. People down here are much nicer. They’re definitely more laid back. 

What are your favorite things to do here? 

We really like the beach and swimming a lot. 

Is there anything that you miss or would like to see in the Market Common?

A Kroger. 

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