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A Tranquil Oasis for You and Your Pooch Creating Calm, Pretty Dogs in the Market Common

By Melissa LaScaleia

Katie Fleming has been working as a dog groomer for 11 years, seven of those, in the Market Common.

“I’ve seen the Market Common grow up, and the puppies I’ve groomed have puppies,” she tells me. “I have a bit of a following, and I know a lot of people here.”

That following will want to know Katie recently opened Paws Pet Spa, her own dog-grooming salon in the Market Common.

“I felt it was time to follow my own dream and start my own business,” Katie says.

Her new Pet Spa is a full service establishment, pampering dogs of all breeds up to 100lb. She does doggie facials, nail sanding, and medicated baths with Zymox, the #1 veterinarian recommended treatment for dogs with skin conditions. She offers regular baths too, as well as a brightening shampoo with natural agents that will make your dog’s coat pop and shine. She’s proud to only use high quality shampoo, to protect the health of the dogs she sees.

Katie is passionate about her mission at Paws Pet Spa.

“It’s first to provide quality of care for your animal, to ensure that they feel safe, calm, and happy, throughout the grooming process,” she says. “Sometimes that means I’ll need more time, but you’ll walk away with a happier dog. I knew when I started this, that if I could do things my way, I could create an overall positive experience for both dogs and their owners. And my first week open was proof of that. My clients are amazed by how relaxed their dogs are when they come away.”

Visitors to Paws Pet Spa can expect a tranquil atmosphere. If there’s a naughty dog in the house, he’ll be attended to first, to keep everyone happy.

“Here, you’ll always be greeted with a smile, either by myself, or Tammy, my front desk receptionist, who’s my right-hand lady,” Katie says.

Paws Pet Spa

Open M-Sa 9-5pm;

Stay tuned for more services.

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