North Myrtle Beach Fitness Goals for Summer

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by Shawn Spickler, Fitness Director of NMB Aquatic & Fitness Center

Summer is nearly here which means fitness is once again on the top of everyone’s mind. What are your fitness goals for this summer? Rather than letting your bathing suit or your appearance be the motivating factor for your fitness goals, why not think of something that you want to accomplish? Do you want to run and finish an entire 5k? Now is the time to start planning, and here are some tips to help motivate you.

Pick an event

Having a specific date or event in mind will provide built-in motivation while you are exercising and training. Pick an event that inspires you. Goals are meant to be achievable and also fun.

Eat Healthy

Set yourself up for success by feeding your body healthy meals and snacks that will fuel you for your exercises and keep you feeling trim and happy.

Better Hydration

Yes, we all know it is important to drink water, but as you start ramping up your activity in the warmer weather, proper hydration will boost your performance and how you feel. If drinking water begins to feel monotonous, try adding some fruit or even mint.

Set a plan

Don’t be a rudderless ship. Join a fitness class or hire a personal trainer to help you prepare for and reach your goals. Remember to start small and build on your new training program.

Make a habit

Just like old habits die hard, new habits are even more difficult to form. Make your exercise a daily routine and you will have a higher chance of sticking to it. Habits can be a good thing. If you like “to do” lists, try adding exercise onto yours and feel the satisfaction in checking it off every day.

I have always appreciated the process of working towards my goals much more than achieving the goal itself. And, once you reach that summer goal, you may even find yourself thinking about what you will do next. Continue your summer commitment and enjoy year-long health and wellness.

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