Favorite Nature Spots in North Myrtle Beach

by the City of North Myrtle Beach

North Myrtle Beach may be known for its nine miles of beautiful sandy beaches, but dispersed throughout the city are a variety of trails and open areas for the residents and visiting guests to enjoy. 

The City of NMB Parks & Recreation maintains many trails and open spaces providing people of all ages no-cost recreational spaces where they can cycle, walk, hike, jog or simply sit and relax.

Preserving important natural landscapes is one of the benefits of trails and open spaces. The City of NMB offers two preserves that demonstrate just that. The Heritage Shores Nature Preserve is one of the most unique parks in the city. With seven acres of walking trails, the park is located on an island that extends into the marsh. 

This land is preserved in its native state and is accessible via a series of elevated boardwalks and observation decks. Interpretive signage throughout the park describes the plants, animals, fish, and birds that can be seen on your stroll. 

Located adjacent to the Preserve is the Cherry Grove Park & Boat Ramp. This popular fishing spot is located on the Cherry Grove Marsh and provides boat access to the marsh and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Russell Burgess Coastal Preserve is a scenic overview of the picturesque Cherry Grove Marsh where guests enjoy fishing and crabbing. The park provides foot access to the inlet and a boardwalk was added to maintain important marsh habitat. 

The City of NMB encourages physical fitness and connecting with others through trails and open spaces. Situated through the NMB Park & Sports Complex are three trails and a meadow. The Lake Trail is 1.1 miles around a lake which provides pedestrians the opportunity to view the riders at Shark Wake Park, and the adventure-seekers on the zip lines from the Go-Ape Treetop Adventure.

At the center of the Sports Complex is a twelve-acre, grassy, open area— the McLeod Seacoast Meadow. It is a great area for family picnics, relaxation, or a multitude of other general recreation activities, as well as special events. It is surrounded by a half-mile walking path used daily by residents and visitors.

Also in the Sports Complex is the 2.5 mile McLeod Seacoast Nature Trail. This trail takes guests through a forest area filled with lush vegetation and a variety of birds and animals. 

Trails are essential to all cities, and the City of North Myrtle Beach will continue to preserve and maintain these walking paths and open areas for their residents. Whether it’s a stroll around the lake, or a quiet hike in the woods, these amenities provide community residents and guests the opportunity to enjoy the diverse environment and the natural beauty of the city.

For more information about North Myrtle Beach trails and parks, visit www.nmb.parks.us.

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