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Taco ‘Bout Flavor! El Molino Supermarket

Where Traditional Flavors Meet Southern Charm

In North Charleston, El Molino Supermarket 2 has quickly become synonymous with authentic Mexican cuisine, particularly renowned for their irresistible Mexican tacos. As they near their first year, these tacos keep attracting people with traditional fillings like juicy carne asada and tasty al pastor, all made with fresh ingredients in soft, handmade tortillas. These delicious tacos highlight El Molino’s dedication to authentic Mexican food and invite everyone to discover Mexico’s rich flavors, making them a top choice for anyone wanting real Mexican taste in South Carolina.

Since it opened, El Molino Supermarket 2 has become more than just a grocery store. It has also become a center for culture, with a taqueria, a bakery, and an ice cream shop that all share Mexican traditions. This mix of services in one place has made El Molino an important part of the community, offering a full Mexican shopping and eating experience.

A Year of Authentic Flavors

Reflecting on its first year, El Molino Supermarket 2 has prided itself on offering an extensive selection of Latin groceries, including rare spices, traditional sweets, and a variety of fresh produce, ensuring that the essence of Mexican cuisine is accessible in North Charleston. The supermarket’s shelves are stocked with items directly sourced from Mexico, catering to both expatriates seeking a taste of home and food enthusiasts exploring new flavors.

A Year of Authentic Flavors

The in-house taqueria has been a standout feature, drawing in crowds with its menu of traditional Mexican dishes that celebrate the rich culinary heritage of Mexico. From Mexican tacos al pastor to savory pozole, each dish is a testament to the authentic flavors El Molino promises.

El Molino’s bakery offers fresh Mexican bread, pastries, and desserts, giving customers a taste of tradition. The supermarket’s new ice cream shop serves traditional Mexican flavors, ideal for Charleston’s warm days.

A Hub of Mexican Culture

El Molino Supermarket 2 has become more than a shopping destination; it’s a place where the Charleston community can immerse themselves in Mexican culture. The supermarket has hosted various cultural events and cooking demonstrations, further bridging the gap between Charleston and Mexico.

In its first year, El Molino Supermarket 2 has become Charleston’s top spot for real Mexican groceries, food, and culture. It provides a variety of groceries, a taqueria, bakery, and ice cream shop, aiming to enrich Charleston’s food scene with authentic Mexican tacos and tastes.

El Molino Supermarket 2
5900 Rivers Ave, North Charleston, SC 29406
(843) 261-8260

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