Oyster Bar

Get Shucked Up at Noizy Oysters Bar & Grill

A Fresh Take on Seafood and Cocktails

Noizy Oysters Bar & Grill stands as a distinguished destination for seafood enthusiasts in Myrtle Beach. Positioned a brief distance from the coastline, this establishment invites diners to enjoy an array of meticulously prepared seafood dishes in a vibrant setting.

The Starters

Guests start their culinary adventure with innovative appetizers. The Crab Nachos mix pico de gallo, green onions, and avocado for a flavorful beginning. The Ahi Tuna, adorned with sesame seeds and served with avocado and mixed greens, is a lighter but equally delicious choice.

The Raw Bar

The restaurant’s raw bar features an impressive variety of oysters from the Gulf and other North American waters, and they are prepared fresh to order. For those preferring their seafood cooked, Noizy Oysters offers fire-grilled oysters and sumptuous seafood pots. These dishes are rich with the taste of the sea and seasoned for depth of flavor with Old Bay.


Get Shucked Up at Noizy Oysters Bar & Grill

The Entrees

The entrees highlight kitchen versatility, with the Citrus Grilled Mahi showcasing seafood mastery. The Fish and Chips offer comforting familiarity. Additional menu options feature creatively topped flatbreads, hearty sandwiches, and flavorful burgers, appealing to diverse tastes.


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The Bar

The bar at Noizy Oysters is noteworthy for its creative offerings, such as the Oyster Shooter with Tito’s vodka. The extensive cocktail menu, featuring Margaritas, Bloody Marys, and other favorites, is designed to complement the maritime flavors perfectly. They offer unique cocktails for a wide variety of palettes.

Noizy Oysters Bar & Grill is not merely a restaurant, but a destination where the quality of seafood and the art of culinary preparation come together. It invites locals and visitors alike to discover the depths of its menu and enjoy the ambiance that makes Noizy Oysters a must-visit location in Myrtle Beach.

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