Paid Parking Season in Myrtle Beach

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by the City of Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach’s paid parking season is underway and continues through October 31. Generally, no one feels enthusiasm for parking meters, but they are helpful in managing infrastructure. First, they identify which spaces are available and legal for parking. Second, they encourage turnover so that more people can enjoy a handy parking spot. Third, revenue from the meters goes back into the area to pay for more services, and events. 

Residents of Myrtle Beach can receive a parking decal for their personal vehicles if the vehicles are registered inside the city limits and city property taxes have been paid. The decals allow a vehicle to park for free at the public parking meters and pay stations, as well as at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center

The City of Myrtle Beach offers an online registration system for Resident Parking Decals for the 2019-2020 period. See and follow the directions. Commercial use vehicles are not eligible for the Resident Parking Decal.

If you live in Myrtle Beach and pay property taxes on your car, the city counts that as your payment for parking, whether you ever occupy a paid space or not. Non-residents simply pay at the meter and only when they actually use the parking space. 

If you aren’t a resident of Myrtle Beach, the city offers two options to neighbors and visitors who are not eligible for a decal.

1. A seven-day visitor parking pass is available for $30 from the Lanier Parking Office in the Pavilion Parking Garage, Ninth Avenue North at Kings Highway. The pass is good for seven consecutive days at all paid public parking areas.

2. A non-resident parking placard is available for $100 per year from the Lanier Parking Office in the Pavilion Parking Garage. This pass is good for the public metered spaces between 21st Avenue North and 6th Avenue South, as well as in the metered street ends from 69th to 77th Avenues North. 

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