Long Bay Symphony, Myrtle Beach

The Vibrant Journey of Long Bay Symphony

The Symphony That Became Myrtle Beach’s Cultural Pulse

In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the Long Bay Symphony has crafted a narrative rich with ambition, artistry, and deep community connections. Launched by Dr. Diana Swanner-Scroggins in 1987, it aimed to fill a noticeable void in the local arts scene. Today, it shines as a beacon for the Grand Strand, proving that classical music is not just alive but vibrantly kicking.

A Symphony Sprouts in Myrtle Beach

The early days of the Long Bay Symphony were like the first movements of a symphony—filled with anticipation and challenges. Skepticism from locals about the feasibility of a high-caliber symphony in the area was the first obstacle. Yet, the symphony’s founders and supporters, including influential figures like the Brittain family, orchestrated a turnaround, setting the stage for what would become a cultural cornerstone in Myrtle Beach.

Nurturing the Next Crescendo

With Dr. Charles Jones Evans at the helm since 1996, the symphony expanded its ensemble. It now boasts over 70 members and has introduced a Youth Symphony. These initiatives underscore a commitment to fostering musical talent and appreciation within the community. The symphony’s educational outreach efforts touch the lives of thousands annually, particularly young audiences.

Beyond the Concert Hall

Long Bay Symphony, Myrtle Beach

The symphony’s repertoire spans classical to contemporary, evident in its anticipated Appalachian Spring concert. This event will feature talents like mezzo-soprano Jennifer Luiken & violist Ayane Kozasa. Through such performances, the symphony showcases its dedication to musical diversity. It presents works that resonate across audiences and celebrate global musical traditions.

Harmony and Growth

Since its inception, the Long Bay Symphony has grown into a full orchestral force. It plays a significant role in the cultural renaissance of Myrtle Beach. The symphony’s journey mirrors a classic piece of music, with its own narrative of overcoming skepticism and building a community of music lovers. Today, it delights over 30,000 people annually through its performances.

For the Love of Music

Long Bay Symphony, Myrtle Beach

The symphony’s journey is a testament to a shared love for music and community engagement. It offers a sanctuary for classical aficionados and extends a warm welcome to newcomers. As Myrtle Beach continues to evolve, the symphony remains a steadfast contributor to its cultural vibrancy, ensuring that classical music not only endures but thrives.

A Cultural Mainstay

The Long Bay Symphony has cemented itself as an indispensable part of Myrtle Beach’s cultural scene. Its ability to adapt, innovate, and educate has made it much more than an orchestra—it’s a community pillar that uplifts, educates, and inspires. As we look to the future, the symphony’s ongoing narrative is one of excitement and anticipation, promising more chapters of musical exploration and community connection.

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