28th Annual Multicultural Fair

Local School Celebrates International Cultures

by Donna Parker

St. James Middle School will be celebrating international cultures on February 22, 2018, from 5:30 pm until 7:00 pm at our Multicultural Fair in the Commons Area. SJMS staff and students within our school family will have booths set up for families to peruse and experience various cultures from around the world. There will be lots of entertainment such as singing, dancing, and musical instruments during the fair. Please come and enjoy the multicultural experience of St. James Middle School.

Has your child mentioned to you that they will be able to participate in the event by sharing information at a booth? Booths will include music, costumes, food samples, PowerPoint presentations, and trifold boards to display languages and other customs that are indicative of their culture.

If you know of anyone in the community that would be willing to share something unique about their culture or would be a great addition to this experience please contact Ms. Parker, Mr. Vega, Ms. Dickinson, Mrs. Morello, Mrs. Howard, or Ms. Carter at St. James Middle School, 843.650.5543.

Let Ms. Parker know if you have any additional questions at dparker@horrycountyschools.net. There will be several performers including Mexican dancers, a Puerto Rican singer, and possibly steel drummers or re dancers. As of right now, performances will take place at set times. During the fair, we will direct everyones’ attention to the specific areas where the performance is being held— either the cafeteria or outdoor patio. is will give our booths time to regroup and the transition will more than likely happen every 15- 20 minutes.

We will not have the pot luck like in years past. We are asking individuals running booths to share samples of their country’s cuisine. As a reminder, this is a sample-sized portion, and will not be a dinner or meal; additionally, not every booth may choose to participate in this aspect of the fair.

We welcome you to come and join the fun and festivities!

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