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Greg Brown is known around town as “The Pool Guy” because of his expertise in installing above-ground swimming pools. He has been working in this arena for over a decade – bringing considerable joy, and savings, to his clients. 

Meet Greg Brown: The Pool Guy

by Melissa LaScaleia

Greg Brown has been installing above-ground swimming pools for over thirteen years. The Spartanburg, South Carolina native evolved into “The Pool Guy” after a friend asked him to help with his retail pool store.

“My background was in sales,” Greg says. “So I began going out, talking to people, finding out what they wanted, and I took my knowledge and their wants, and would match them with a pool. I really enjoyed it. I liked the product, and I liked working with people.

“One day, I saw an ad in a paper looking for someone to install pools. The company was in Atlanta, but they worked all over the country. I took the job, and that first summer, in 2008, I installed pools in nineteen states— as far west as New Mexico. I like to build things and work with my hands.”

After five years, Greg decided to stay closer to home, and limited his pool installations to his local area. Before he knew it, he had his own company.

“Traditionally pools have a huge markup,” Greg says. “But I wasn’t doing it to get rich. I wanted to do it because I enjoyed it, make a decent living, and save my customers a lot of money in the process.”

Greg has accounts with major pool distributors in the Southeast because of the time he spent with the pool company from Atlanta. He’s able to sell his pools to his customers at cost, and charges only for installation.

“I make buying an above-ground pool affordable for everyone,” he says.

Today, Greg lives and works in Myrtle Beach with his family. He has installed over 350 above-ground pools since he began his career.

“I think above-ground pools used to carry a stigma: that they weren’t very high quality. But over the years, they’ve come a long way. I sell only one brand; it is the best on the market, and comes with a 50-year warranty.”

“And when I finish a pool,” he adds, “most of my customers become my friends. I do things as if I’m doing them for myself. I don’t take shortcuts. It’s hard work, and I can save people money. Whenever people see the finished product, they’re always very pleased.”

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