Top Three Picks from The Southern Living Store to Add a Southern Vibe to Your Life

by Ashley Daniels

Looking to add a little Southern to your living? Pay a visit to the Southern Living Store at the Market Common and you’ll find yourself in Southern central, with an inventory of the most unique finds in home and garden, food, travel, fashion, and more. Here are a few top picks to stock up on as the weather heads towards spring.

1818 Farms Products

These ultra-unique bath and beauty products are hand-made with the same philosophy and mindset that drives the Mooresville, Alabama farm from whence they hail—keep it simple. Simplicity is the basis for their best-selling product, the 1818 Farms shea crème moisturizer. It’s light and fluffy in texture and hand whipped. And it’s comprised of only three ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, and an essential oil or natural fragrance.

Potted Succulents

Their assortment of beautifully potted succulents will add the perfect pop of color to any room of your home. Or they could serve as the perfect housewarming gift. You’ll not only love the succulents’ many shades and textures, but also that these plants can endure the heat and sun of the south. If you choose to place yours out on the patio, only a little water is needed to keep them alive and well. Don’t forget to add a little love too!

Southern Living Foods & Cappai Lazy Susans

Yes, Southern Living has their own line of food— and they’re as delicious as you can imagine, bite after sweet, Southern bite. The biscuit mixes yield fluffy drop biscuits with a buttery flavor. The pancake mix is an old-fashioned recipe with simple ingredients that only requires you to add water. Pour any of the Southern Living syrups onto those pancakes or a stack of waffles for a treat. The blackberry syrup is an old Southern recipe that features sweet, ripe blackberries cooked in small batches. And you’ll want to take home a tin of their honey roasted peanuts tossed in a special blend of cane sugar and seasonings.

Place these foods on any of their uniquely designed, hand-painted, food-safe Lazy Susans; they double as a serving tray plus no two are exactly alike.

Southern Living Store

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