Check into the Market Common’s New Pet Palace

by Ashley Daniels

The Myrtle Beach coastline is crawling with resorts, so why not have one for pets too? Five weeks ago, Dr. Gwynn Hardee opened the Elegant Pet Store & Resort in the Market Common, right next door to his veterinary clinic, Meadowlawn Animal Services. His pet resort offers only the finest accommodations for dogs and cats.

Now while you’re away on a week’s vacation, you won’t have to fret about what to do with your faithful friend. Each of this resort’s forty rooms boasts a four-poster, pet-sized bed, complete with a headboard, and made-up with a fitted sheet and blanket. Many rooms come with flat-screen TVs and the option of a camera, so you can check in on your beloved pet remotely, anytime.

Amanda, at the resort, also let us know that the posh pooch pampering doesn’t stop there; your pet will also receive a cozy nighttime tuck-in with a bedtime story each night, plenty of refreshing private walks during the day, and indoor playtime on the resort’s artificial grass pads.

If you book four nights or more, your fur baby will also receive a free bath before she returns home in one of the resort’s two hydraulic self-baths. The baths are also available to walk-in customers for a flat fee of $19.99. The self-bath area is stocked with pet shampoos, brushes, towels, hair dryers, aprons, and your choice of colorful bandanas.

The store portion of the establishment carries everything your pet could want, such as leashes, collars, unique toys, harnesses, treats, gourmet human-grade foods, clothes, nail polish and more.

A standard doggie room is priced at $29 per night; a deluxe room is $35 per night; and a suite is $39 per night. The resort’s Feline Condo is $29 per night. Doggie daycare is available at $16.67 for less than four hours, and at $19.67 for four-plus hours.

Elegant Pet Store & Resort

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