Hoyt Hendrick, MBAF Base Deputy Engineer, WWII Hero

by Melissa LaScaleia

This month’s history section takes us back to the history of the Market Common once more as we explore the life and story of Hoyt LeGrand Hendrick.

Hoyt was born in Conway, South Carolina on January 24, 1924.  He served in the U.S. Army during World War II, and received both the Purple Heart as well as the Bronze Star for his service and sacrifices in combat.

He graduated from Clemson University with a degree in civil engineering, and attended graduate school at the University of Tennessee where he received his master’s of science.  He was a civil engineer, registered professionally with the state of South Carolina; the majority of his career was spent working as an engineer for the military.

Hoyt was employed as a civil engineer for the United States Army Corps of Engineers when he first became involved with what is today the Market Common area professionally.  In 1955, the Myrtle Beach municipal airfield was transitioning into a major Air Force Base.  Hoyt was employed as a civil engineer on the project.  In 1958, he transferred to the United States Air Force, and helped to prepare the base by overseeing the construction of the necessary facilities which would house aircraft, buildings, and personnel.

Hoyt became the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base deputy civil engineer, and remained in that position for al- most thirty years before retiring.  He assisted in numerous transitions throughout his career, including the housing and implementation of the initial aircraft at the base, the F-100; A-7D aircraft in 1970; and A-10 aircraft in 1977.

Hoyt L. Hendrick died at the age of 83, in Conway, South Carolina.

Hendrick Avenue is the street in the Market Common named in his honor.  It is a long street, and home to many residences.  It stretches through the Soho District, from Farrow Parkway down to Hackler Street, running parallel with Johnson Avenue.  Hackler Street runs parallel with Nevers Street.

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